Soul Calibur 5 Worth Picking Up?


Saw the sale on the front page ($3.74 for 360), looks like a good deal.

How active is the online community?

EDIT: My apologies, probably should have put this under Fighting Game Discussion.


I was gonna say get IV instead but that is a good deal

oh yeah forgot to say, WRONG FUCKING SECTION FOOL!



I’d say it’s worth it for that cheap, you’ll still find matches. Nobody will play the new single player F2P version, and the people who would aren’t playing online right now anyway.

It’s very different from SC2, but worth trying.


Thank you I appreciate your reply. The last SC I tried was 2, so that’s a helpful reference.


Do not get IV. SCIV sucks major donkey dicks. SCV is all hotness.


Sc5 rapes your fave characters from 3 and 4…since you skipped the arguably best games in the series, you won’t notice much missing, unless you play Mitsurugi, who’s movelist was blatantly screwed back to Soul Blade+ status.


mitsu 2kb is punishnable on hit
LMFAO i mean
soul cal V is king of fighters with swords
and you lying
i aint gonna say 4 did have some hiccups but those niggas shit on the characters in V


SC4 had SOME hiccups? Half the cast couldn’t step easy verticals. They were stuck in the mud, no movement at all. Unless you were one of a select few characters who had a good enough step to actually AVOID some moves, you were boned vs the top tiers. Hilde was dumb as fuck. Amy was dumb as fuck. Algol and Kilik were only slightly less broken, and still dumb as fuck.

SC3 was a fun game where you had snappy movement, a good pace to the game, and characters had fun options. SC3 was a good game held back by technical flaws. SC4 was a slow, dull game with technical flaws and horrendous balance issues. The mid/low tiers had a better shot of winning in SC3 than they did in SC4, VC and all. At least they could still step verticals. Half the cast in SC4 can’t even step Hilde Charge B moves, they just move sideways and get hit on their fatass made for online hitboxes.

SC4 was absolutely the series’ worst game, and it’s not even arguably close. You’re just flat wrong if you try to argue otherwise.


SC4 was slow and boring, I scooped this SC5 deal and its faster than some 2d fighters on the market(Street Fighter IV cough), it’s appealing to me because I like fast games with quick rounds and limited combos(think Super Turbo), so I’ll probably learn this.

Too bad I don’t think this thing has a tourney scene for real.


hilde was banned i thought at most tournments anyways ( not that i needed reminding that fixing the step on charge b moves was warranted ) i hated that matchup

I like 4 cause it had some broken shit in it and yoshi is actually really good 3 was alright

but really im saying that 5 is boring as shit


Fuck all the gameplay technicalities that the fgc likes to throw in for what makes a game worth playing. SCV is terrible just off the fact it was a cashgrab with not even half the content that SC games are known for having. So unless you really plan on practicing a lot just to compete with the barely existent online community, then you’re stuck with a barebones game.


Does Sophitia get her chebs out in this one? I remember in Soul Edge that if you boss the game enough you unlock her nothing but panties mode and cheap faps were had for all. SC II was awesome and the rest of the series was shit.


Lol. Nigga aint got 4 dollars