Soul Calibur 6 Discussion


Unlike Guard Impacts of old the one present in Soul Calibur VI parries all levels of attacks (including lows) removing the effectiveness of mix-ups. I was never a fan of throw parrying, but I have made my peace with it.

P.S. In case it is not clear, there is no low GI or back GI, 6G parries all.


I can’t think of any other game that has a parry or counter that literally counters every type of attack. I think true unblockables might be the only thing that won’t be caught by GI. I was also not a fan of throw parry due how many options a high GI would cover.


Update: Apparently, both A+G and 6A+G can both be broken by any attack button with or without 6…


Apparently, A+K moves won’t come back :confused:




It totally did once. Kinda bizarre.


cool SCIV Zasalamel skill video


oh wow you cancel into critical edge during the clash. thats neat!


Ok there’s only so much I can overlook; I really am worried about this game now. No A+K moves really annoys me on top of all the other questionable decisions. They really don’t give a damn about the competitive scene; I thought this dude would’ve at least inherited Harada’s respect for a classic franchise, but nope.

I really wish you could only attain 1 bar (max) of meter; I really wish GI’s would just go back to being how they were (ideally like SCIII because I like red parries); I really wish CE’s weren’t one-button; I wish I wish I wish. I’ll probably still play and I’ve long since given up on fighting games anyway (everything I like has either been put to sleep or changed too much), so whatever…


Bullshit, Harada has no respect for any fucking franchise.


Didn’t know that was actually possible. Never seen it done it either.


check at 7:30


The changes sound trash tbh. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, but they’re removing depth.



Here is a nice summary article with details from CES (including gameplay mechanics and videos).


When a developer manages to make a game really come together early on, and then they want to iterate on that game, the temptation to mess with it a lot is too great. Everyone was pretty much happy with what was going on in SC1and SC2. SC3 had issues with an unpolished release and splitting the community with a botched console/arcade release. In general, it felt like they dumped all their resources into custom characters and single player modes in 3 and 4. Also after 3 they started throwing in major mechanics changes; in 4 they add in the ultra wack armor breaking / critical finish before completely going off the rails in 5.

I think this is one of the core problems for developing a fighting game and marketing it for sale. You put out a great game, then feel like you need to add some junk on top of it that removes what made the game great in the first place.

Eh, there’s clearly a balance somewhere here but it seems lately that developers have been unable to find that balance.


Picture it now.
EVO Japan 2018. The venue goes dark just as they announce it’s time for a trailer. A familiar voice echoes through the halls.

“Miss me, did you?”

Yoda confirmed. DLC Pack 1. Coming Q1 2019.


no its pretty clear Soul Calibur peaked VERY EARLY with 2, and it because of its near perfection that there was really nowhere to take the series but down down down. Because how do you improve SC2 beyond adding more characters and the story mode? I guess the answer here is that “you dont.” So now we have SC6 putting back 8-Way Run (something that should have NEVER left the series) but keep all the BS from the SC3 and onwards because they refuse to recognize that SC players (Casuals and Pros alike) dont want that garbage and have never cared for it. Theres a reason the only SC tournaments held to this day are SC2 and NO ONE plays the others except maybe the occasional 3. Cause SC2 is the “next level” version of 1 and there are plenty of people who like the new characters in 3. But the rest of the games are trash. So I find it really sucks that they refuse to deconstruct SC and go back to the old ways of 1 and 2, before the BS. Because NOBODY likes BS in fighting games. I certainly have no use for it.


Competitively, Soul Calibur may have peaked with II, but gameplaywise Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition is the more honest game as 2G is not present (gave too much safety in movement+attacks), difference in movement ability is not a factor (caused horizontals to miss some characters in II), attack patterns are more reactable/less safe (less bullshit), and the cast has a wider arsenal of moves at their disposal with more utility (large portion of moveset in II was useless).

I enjoy the fast paced/reckless action of Soul Calibur II, but I feel Soul Calibur III took a step back from some of its shenanigans to be more in sync with the first game in terms of pacing. It is a shame III’s first outing was an embarrassing mess with Virtual Cancel and glitches galore, but those issues were rectified in its Arcade Edition.


I think we are in agreement here, SC2 is the last game that I think is worth playing seriously. I like the new Soul Gauge usage that they added but almost everything else is looking real bad.

If it were up to me I’d throw out most of the crap they are adding. I think Soul Charge activation can stay because it gives good offensive tools. Get rid of RE, supers, SC5 guts scaling, throw mechanics changes, and put SC2 style GI back in. Guard meter seems redundant when Soul Charge is in the game.

Lethal hits… I’m not clear on how much difference these make but it just sounds like a bonus counter-hit state, so probably fine?

Do you mean Step Guard? And I thought VC was still in the arcade edition? I never got a good chance to play it but from what I’ve read the differences between PS2 and SCIII: AE are not that large.