Soul Calibur 6 Discussion


ppl are DYING for a downgraded switch port for some reason.

There are already things that are troubling about the development and the last thing I want is focus put on an inferior port to switch with that dumb ass controller and no fightstick support.


Uh, an arcade stick for the Switch already exists.

It seems that people just want to actually be able to play games on it that aren’t old Neo Geo ports and an even more unbalanced ST.


I dont want them to not have that, but not at the expense of an inferior game. Theres no point.

I know nothing about Wii sticks tbh. They werent a think last time I checked I guess.


There is in fact a pro controller and the ‘puppy’ configuration is also well enough.


Can you elaborate on this?


you cant be bothered to buy a Brooks?


they need to add a SF character into this game
like Rolento would be dope


Supposedly some news will drop soon.


That’s what they said five years ago…


When’s Taki?


They just went out to get a pack of smokes.


Ivy trailer

Zasalamel trailer


Step on me mistress


I really hope the combat engine isnt trash. Have there been videos or comments from pros giving their thoughts or opinions on it? I tried tweeting to Kayane but to no avail


Good to see that Ivy still has very nice and big juggle combos.

They keep getting bigger and bigger with each game.


Character design is terrible, sadly

No idea how they pass from good stuff like Mitsu, Sophi and Night to crap like these two or like Groh


Zas looks fine, even though those shoulders are a bit out there.

As for Ivy, I had hoped her default was more something like her older 2P costumes that made her look like fancy pirate.


Zas looks cool; Ivy’s new costume is meh.


This is typical Ivy wear, idk how y’all are blowing a gasket over it


I am so glad that Ivy is finally properly dressed again. I hated her SC5 costume, it was so bland. Finally Ivy’s back to her best.