Soul Calibur 6 - Discussion




If SC6 is between SC1-SC2 Asta should be still brown-skin

Next Hwang pls
I know next is Cervantes though

Next Hwang & Cervantes pls. would accept


I like Astaroth’s redesign. The brown color was always meh to me. I also like Seong Mina’s new costume.


Mina’s attire is more scandalous than her personality suggests but it’s alright.



This looks bad. Like REALLY REALLY bad. Like I KNOW this is meant to be all wooshy wooshy flashy for the uber casuals who think a game needs such to be relevant, but MY GOD did that just look terrible. Im now going to go and play SC2 on my Wii and pretend that this NEVER HAPPENED. Damn…


This game is hype and I’m buying it twice.


Still waiting for pre-order on PSN Store~~~~~


story mode looks interesting. Seems story mode is illustrated by Hiroaki Hashimoto - well known SNK illustrator.


Lively Disciple asking the right questions.


Mina doesn’t look amused though.


Hwang should spinning heel kick him hard in the face lol


So I’m a sc scrub. Haven’t played since sc2, but I took a buddy to evo who doesn’t play fighting games at all and we had a BLAST playing sc6! The game looked and sounded amazing. I had more fun with sc6 in 15 minutes than I’ve had with sf5 in months.


So for Mina, seems they used her concept from Soul Edge (Purple/Floral) mixing with her bikini outfit (SC II), necklace from SC I, gloves and boots has influence of SC III, as for the hair SC IV…

Kayane’s interview


So, Mina is good at breaking guard but if you just defend you can get around chip damage? Sounds pretty mediocre

EDIT: Sounds like it isn’t confirmed to negate guard damage, just health


EVO 2018 players reactions




So, GamesCom next week. I hope their announcment for the ‘end of the month’ was meant for that.

In any case I’ll get a chance to play it. No idea who to pick without Hilde but I suspect most people there being garbage anyway.


SCVI has gone gold


That is a shame as there is so much left to fix and improve.