Soul Calibur 6 - Discussion


At this point will have preferred Edgemaster as mimic, and i think at some point he may jump in even if seem a bizzarre pick for a DLC pack

Number of people that will pay for crazy waifu > number of people will pay for a mimic freak

Street Fighter V hold back lot of fan favourites for to sell season pass
A legendary char like Sagat had to wait the end of S3 to join the fight


I’ve basically ignored the existence of SC4 and SC5 so I didn’t pick up on it.

Wow, her SC4 model is U G L Y.


For real though, how you gonna make a fake reveal trailer, but still have the watermark of your video editing app because you’re too cheap to pay for it?


I hope there’s an English version of this


Okubo tweeted about 3 hours ago that an English version should be up soon. Dunno if it is up somewhere yet.



Would have bought it if it didn’t have the figure. In fact I’d buy a lot more special editions if they didn’t include figures for which I don’t have the space and don’t really want to make space.


Tira is taking the slot under Cervantes

I guess the 3 slots left go to the 3 missing DLC chars, 2 on left good side (i guess Hwang/Cass) and one on right evil one (i guess Lizardman)


some cool fights there.


That Ivy cosplayer at @3:44:50 though.

So, Okubo appeared at the end to reveal that he can’t reveal any characters today.


You need to tell @Neclord about that cosplayer :wink:

Edit: LOL she tells dude to look her in the eyes :rofl:


She is cute. <3

Okubo was like “Damn, I have some hot characters in my game.”


This is the cosplayer. Seems she’s Italian