Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition Petition Thread


Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition Petition Thread (for people who care only)

I have recently, made a petition to try and get Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition on the Sony Playstation 3.

To anyone who is interested, here is the letter.

To Bandai Namco.

This is a request, for the release of Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition, onto the Sony Playstation 3 as downloadable content.

There are many fans of this game all over the world. However for a lot of us, the Sony Playstation 2 is the only viable option to play the game, due to the lack of arcade machines surrounding fans in America and Europe.
As good as the Playstation 2 version is. It has now become outdated and inferior is to its Arcade successor.

Your port of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection onto the Sony Playstation 3, was more than satisfactory for fans of the game. I truly believe that the same amount of appreciationand enjoyment, can be achieved with the porting and distribution of Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition, onto the Sony Playstation 3.

Many fans of this game hold tournaments, ranking battles and such for this game.
Also, with Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition, being featured in the 2007 Tougeki Super Battle Opera Tournament. I truly believe this would be a great way for entrants to practice and also promote its release onto the PS3.

I hope and trust you will be able to make a decision that will benefit yourself as a company and the fans of the franchise also.

On behalf of the Soul Calibur community, thank you in advance.

Heres the link:


The petition thingy is playing up at the moment. Please sign here and you can then sign again when it starts working…


Good luck in all that but one thing I’ve learned is that online petitions are as likely to work as the 2-3 canadians picketing Bush’s presidency here in montreal.


So instead of wishing us luck, why not just sign it?


No real interest in it to be honest.


Then why did you post in the first place…


3 Reasons

  1. bored at work and my shift doesn’t end for another 3 hours
  2. It’s a message board so I guess I can post what I want
  3. I just wanted to make a reference to those crazy anti-bush canadians outside my office.

But if it’s got your panties all up in a bunch I’ll sign your petition.




I’m in, I’ll show some support, I have played soul calibur for not so long and not so competitive but i like the game, it’s fun and looking foward to be a ps3 owner and have a downloadable version of sc3 as soon as i get it. I’ll sign




Signed the petition


there’s no arcade edition?
Then where the fuck did that SC III cab come from at UP??
(UP is University Pinball, the only arcade left in philly)


that IS the arcade edition. the petition is for a port of the arcade version to ps3.


So how is the arcade version better?


They fixed all the BS that plagued the original (US) and the updated (EU/JP) versions.

The game is still a snooze fest though, nothing will change that.



And Raphiel’s friend Amy is playable.


what IS the BS?

im really curious


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe the changes that were fixed were some of the glitches (back throw Variable Cancel, etc.), character balance/tweaking, and the 3 “new” characters (Hwang, Amy and Li Long). Think of how SC3 Arcade Edition improves for the home version of SC3 as to what Tekken 5.1 did to Tekken 5.0.


can you play as the big tittied shopg irls? :smiley: