Soul Calibur III Demo Create-a-Soul pics

Dunno where else to put them, so hey: it’s Show Your Work Thread Gaiden: Create a Char!

My beloved psycho Japanese twin maid. Sorry Chib, I can’t make a decent Satsuki…yet.

Blonde Bulma from Chrono Trigger.


Aw man, I’m really hoping that OPM is right about the KOS-MOS parts being in the items, because then I can make a really good Curly. Misery here is alright, but I really hope they have a decent sleeveless wizard gown.

The time of your fucking life.

Is photobucket down?

Oh snap, this is going to be awesome. Too bad its only console.

I have made Scorpion, Ada Wong, Akira (VF), Temari (Naruto) but I didnt have a camera to take a pictures…:confused: Anyway…how come I cant see your pics?

Hmm, guess PB was down, but they’re back up for me right now.

I’m still bitter I have to get a damn ps2 just to play this. Why must Namco be so permanently glued mouth-first to Sony’s cock? :sad:

Original character Index Iness.

I made a character that looks just like Jill Valentine. Pretty simple to do. if you’ve got the right gloves/shirts.