Soul Calibur III Stupidity

Considering Tekken 5 looks much better then SC2, and has no slow down, I’m assuming SC3 won’t either.I for one am glad because now I just have to buy one version and not be guilty that I got the “worst” version of the three. I’m not a big fan of the XB controller for fighters anyways, so this is very good. One less system to use a converter on I say. SC3 itself does not have me that excited however. I’m not a big fan of the new charecters at all…except for Tira…she seems ok. And I can already see that “create your own unbalanced fuck” being a piece of shit guimmick that will ruin that game.

I really don’t think Tekken 5 looks better then SC2 (hope they don’t put in that horrible moving ground break effect). I have a PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and most every other system before them but I would rather have this game on Xbox. Most of you aren’t bothered by this because you’re PS2 fanboys anyway, but this is just a cheap move (literally) by Namco. And for Soul Calibur the controller really doesn’t make much of a difference, the original one was fine witht he Dreamcast pad and the Xbox pad is basically a DC rip off so I have never had a problem with it.


This game would look alot better if Namco decided to make this only on Xbox. Think about this game with graphics on par with DOA2U :wow: . But since it’s on PS2 you get graphics on par with the PS2 version of Tekken 5.

I also don’t see the big deal about the Xbox controller. It’s more comfortable than the DC pad and most people here are all about sticks anyways.

They don’t seem to care about online play, so go where they will get the most money, which is PS2.

However this is also why namco IMO is totally missing the boat, and why games like DOA and MK will be able to take legitimate shots at namco for years to come.


3D’s blow. The only 3D I ever liked was Power Stone.

Stick to 2D

Frame intensive games like T5, SC2, or VF4 (ESPECIALLY VF4) would perform HORRIBLE online. People would need like a T1 to play these online.

Exactly, and in DOA’s case, that shit is also single platform exclusive.

The only thing that would be horrible is the complaining from people that think it matters that you can’t get 1-frame accuracy online.

? There are versions of DOA that are on DC/PS2/XBOX, just the ultimate version of 2 is xbox only, justifiably so, if you make a fighter, it better be online, and unless your going to do it yourself, it needs to be xbox or multiplatform. A monopoly sure, but thats the situation.

Look at Anniversary Collection, if it was PS2 only, it would probably be at CFJ level of interest aka none and 3s would still be an arcade players game. Now that it’s online, i’d be suprised if AE/ST and 3s are two of the hottest evo games. If CFJ is on live even THAT game will pick up again instead of remaining dead. It won’t be another marvel, but it won’t be another T5 either.

This is a test.

Honestly speaking those “1 frames” DO in fact matter to alot of people. What’s the use of playing a game online if you have to worry about other factors besides skill. Will lag fuck up my juggles today? Will I have to adjust timeing on normal moves for lag? Will the person drop? Sorry but online fighters are for chuckles. DOA2U (as a fighter) is for chuckles. So is MKD for that matter. 3s online just annoys me. Either way Namco will make all the cash it needs off of this. Play it on PS2(or arcade) and just stop complaining. 'Sides…anyone who wants -all- the best games would have X-box AND PS2 anyways. :rolleyes:

I was referring to the DOA series in general, everything post DOA2 Hardcore is Xbox exclusive. DOA3, the Volleyball game, and the upgraded DOA1/DOA2 in DOAU are Xbox exclusive. This isn’t counting any of the future DOA releases either.

You have no idea, do you?

Don’t worry, we all eventually come to a realization that game companies care about one thing only: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. That’s the reason why the PS2 will get it.

yeah Power stone Rocked.
but with what I read
Namco is being RETARDED.

scrubs, all of you

and by all of you i mean “Liquid Gears”

CFE is coming out for Xbox Live, I think Namco not making a Xbox port of SC3 is just an excuse to not directly compete with all the other online fighters out now.

And not everyone who will play it online cares about exact frame percision and all that other crap, anyway, it’s not like they would be forcing you to play it online.

All you people that defend Namco for making this absurd move really need to get off their dicks and think for yourself, those saying it will save them money, since when did you care about a companies profits over the quality of their games? So what if it costs them a little more money to make a superior version. Making this game exclusive for the weakest current console is not a good idea if they’re trying to make the best game possible, which they are not, they’re jsut trying to make a buck. Those agianst online play because it will weaken their arcade sales need to wake up too, if you feel so strongly about arcade competition and frame accuracy then you go play the arcade version (if there will even be one). You guys are letting your stupid fanboyish ways blind you of how bad you’re being raped by this choice.

Wait…Soul Calibur 3?! Shit…I leave for a week, and come back to find ads on this site for Mvc3 and threads about SC3…wtf…

Well, Namco’s decision to make it exclusive was a great move! More whinning and crying that can’t be helped with. Yipee!

Co fucking sign.

At the level that the common video game player plays these fighters, lag doesn’t matter, but at the level that the people on SRK should know how to play, playing laggy fighters should only be the last option if you don’t have any comp.