Soul Calibur IV Matchmaking Thread/Post-Game Discussion

With Soul Calibur IV’s release just under 2 weeks away, now would be a good a time as ever to get some people from SRK on your friends list to get together and play some matches online on day number one of its release. When the game gets released this will probably turn into the “Good Games Thread”. So, in any case, if you’re going to be purchasing this game, get some future SCIV friends on your list.

GT: AlterGenesis


Hoping to polish up a decent Cervantes / Ivy :sweat:

GT: reality marble

Going to start warming up my Tira,Zasa and start with Sophitia or Cassandra next week.

GT: mahou kuma.

Skill level: restarting after a LONG absence from the series.


<-----over there

I’ll be on just for kicks, haven’t really played seriously since SC1 but I don’t mind learning a bit of the new stuff. Probably only be using Astaroth, Kilik and the Apprentice.

OnslaughtDR2k, Valkyrie Sophitia all night long.

Good idea I haven’t played SC since SC2…

new gamertag= ShinLad

Can’t wait to get back into my Cervantes and Taki again.

GT: Manowar1234

Hoping to be an annoying bastard with Raphael or something.

GT: Italia Rican

Going to straight pimp some people with X and mitsu

havent played in forever. hit me up if you wanna play a scrubby mitsurugi/cassandra

gt: Md Wk

GT: Luncheon Loaf

Never played SCIII. Hilde looks frikken sweet.

-Edit: Updated Gamer Tag. Played with Hilde. I don’t really think she’s as bad as everyone says, you can’t over-rely on charge moves since they put you at a disadvantage.

Kilik,Mitsu…n Seung Mina for now and Yoda if hes good

gt: funkpanda

I’ll be using Xianghua, Ivy and one of the new characters.

gt - o summy g

GT: TheFreshSaiyan

Yun-seong all day. No one else is cocky enough for me to use. Yoda if he’s fresh enough.

I know a guy who said the game broke street date in Kuwait, he’s been playing for the last two days…

Its broken street date in alot of places. Ive been playing it since Wednesday.


i will be gettin sc4 tuesday i guess. So it has been shipping? namco has pac man fever they is crazee fools. Anyhoo some one play me when i get this game. Im not very good but would like to learn some more

GT: Reep zero
I’ll be playing with Kilik!