Soul Calibur IV teaser is up


its only 56 secs but it up for viewing:tup:


good to see that the woman who made me wanna bang young white haired women is back.


nice :tup:


looking good, hopefully it’ll have a bigger following then III did


Thought the teaser was poor.

And sheesh 2008?


Where’s that rep button!?


Thanks for notifying me.

I was a bit dissapointed though,to not see any new characters,but it’s understandable because it has a 2008 release date,and they can’t let out too much info at one time.


I’m sure they are on tekken 6 right now too prolly but I’ll take news from either as it trickles in


Good thing 360 gets love, because if it was a PS3 exclusive…there goes namco’s money


Ugh, wish I had seen this before I replied in the other thread. Anyways, at least both 360 and PS3 fans can play it. Can’t wait for EGM to come out so I can ugh…look at some scans that will no doubt be all over the net.



Better be good. :7


Teaser trailer was slick, just hope the game turns out well.


It did not show anything. I am going to hold all comments until I see game footage.


I’m not.

  • The 3 or so character renders looked sweet (Ivy, and Nightmare most importantly).

  • What I could kinda see, is that the Soul Edge, and Soul Calibur both have awesome new designs.

  • Conclusion you say? Will this be the last Soul Calibur title?

  • 2008? Bah, I cant wait that long.


IVY OMG!!! * hides in closet for 10 min *


As long as it’s on 360, everybody and their sister will be playing – SC3 was already heading that way. My girlfriend hates most games and but will never hesitate to play a match of SC3. 360’s online world is perfect for SC4.


I have a feeling Nightmare will just be Night Terror in the new one :o
i hope the game retains the speed of SC2 ( give Ivy her old whip transitions back! ) and give us T5:DR customizations + arcade card system plz :smiley:




Her her tits get bigger by the game. Proof:


Well, better than her just getting straight up old.