Soul Calibur: Lost Swords - Free-to-play title for PlayStation 3, singleplayer only


Looks like Soul Cal is going the Tekken Revolution route and Namco will continue to turn all their classic franchises into f2p games.

Here’s hoping it’s not using the shitty model from Tekken Rev.


Dammit, I didn’t want to be right but the writing was on the wall (Tekken Revolution, Ridge Racer Driftopia, Ace Combat Infinity).


Why are all the 3D games going FTP route? Tekken, DOA and now this. Oh well, hope it works out for them, Ill give it a whirl.


It’s not just 3D. KI is also F2P on some level. Capcom is apparently looking into this as well, and checking out how both the TekkenRev, DOA5U:CF and KI models work out before doing their own.


I remember looking at Tekken Revolution and thinking “Man, this is really bad for this hobby for a lot of reasons.” Well baby, guess we’re gonna let it all burn.

This also isn’t Soul Calibur Tag Tournament (which is what they should be working on).


I dunno why, they’ve been teasing tag in Soul Cal for the longest time now.


No PC release? Really? They’re missing out on a HUGE market but omitting PC.


Namco F2P model is terrible.


Well it’s free so i guess i’ll play it. Nothing to lose.


Pay for weapons.



I’m honestly OK with it being 1p… I’m the minority, obviously… But I’m ok with it.


I like KI’s model, because you can buy all of the characters for a pretty good price. $20 for 8 characters is more than fair.

Edit: Didn’t realize it’s single player only. Fuck that.


And with that, my interest in the game is now gone.


They’re losing me here

If they’re going to make it a completely single player game, just pick another genre instead of Fighting Games.

God knows, even the most elaborate story modes and challenge mode in fighting game pales to basically every other genre for the single player. I mean for some reason Sophitia is in the new Warriors Orochi game, so maybe is a musou.


Screw tag teaming! There should be a huge battle type set up, its a sword fighting game, so 5 players at a time would make it even more fun.


“A warrior desires a sword, and a sword desires a payment of $1.99”

Best comment


Keep in mind Tekken Revolution was single player only as well with no practice mode.

They added it later.

You know good and goddamn well namco wouldnt dare make a single player fighting game.


TR was never single player. It was always multiplayer. No local, but still multiplayer.


Well thats what I meant. No local. Online play is like training mode to me.