Soul Calibur Series: Ivy's Summon Suffering command is hard...I need help!

Ok, in SC 1 through 3, Ivy’s has that strange command for her 2 most difficult to perform moves in the game. One is summon suffering and the other is calamity (something). What i am having problems is buffering the commands to perform both moves without having to walk around the stage looking like an idiot. (:rofl:). if anyone is a good ivy user, please help me out!

Even in SCIV, Ivy players occasionally walk around like said idiot. Of course, they mix it up by performing attacks instead of the throws, but you know.

The past SC games have lax buffering compared to SCIV- so try buffering it during something like a 2A.

Stop staring at her titties and playing the game with one hand.



The move you are thinking of is Calamity Symphony. Best way to do is the move is to just memorize and buffer.