Soul Calibur V 52+ hit combo



Devil Jin
There is an infinite i just found after playing him for 20mins … btw this can be done regardless if the stage has walls or not… its actually faster on wall less stages because you get the ring out.

In practice i have got this out of control infinite to 200+ before i dropped it.

Enjoy the bronken-ness with a touch of flare at the end



Can’t you air tech?


im gonna test this later when my friend located state side wakes up…i hope so.


can you just set the cpu dummy to air tech in training mode?


ill try it out


Techable, not an infinite.


Uhm, Can’t you do the air control thing?



i tried you can air tech … unless backed in to a wall…then it still becomes infinite.


People need to start actually using the training mode options before making these types of videos.


hey thx, and ah…once again dick it is TECHable but not on levels with walls… and if you hold back to tech out the attacker can dash forward an still manage to make this an infinite regardless of your tech attempt. instead of saying people on my fuckin thread you should just call me out an dont be a fuckin pussy an say People. you look weak.


You can only get two wall splats per combo. It’s escapable no matter what. You just get more damage if there’s a wall.


-.- strategy> combos, all day. you can’t memorize a combo and expect to win. 3d fighters never roll like that. this site in general focuses on combos in this game like they are th most important thing. no, knowing your moves is the important thing, knowing your spacing.

And if you are NM, knowing not to be dumb and play at a range where you benefit from having a huge sword, not point blank like you are Talim or something. That really gets on my nerves, it just becomes so obvious how they are going for that low throw and melee strikes.


I have no problem with calling you out. I said people because I’ve seen more than one person make these types of videos without using the options in training mode to confirm that it a true infinite.

And you should have used those options before being so quick to post this video up.


isn’t devil jin tourney banned anyway?