Soul Calibur V coming? (aka: My Japanese sucks)

From ooosaka official Blog:

SC5??? - ???4??blog ??? -

Seems that they are discussing the topic and there are some Katsuhiro Harada comments (Tekken director) taken from Twitter, like this:

Dont get too excited, but i think is pretty important… if you still have faith in the saga of course (i left the scene after SC2).

The world could do with more Ivy. As long as they don’t give her more boobage. Seriously Namco they’re fine, your characters aren’t Heidi Montags.

But in all seriousness I would love a good follow up after SCIV disappointed me in a lot of ways.

Harada said in another tweet not to read to much into this as there’s nothing happening yet.

Let the series die already.

**Make Soul Calibur V

Make a title for each console platform including Wii.

On the Wii version make Link playable character.

If so, i’ll midnight buy that shit.**

Can Taki have an ass this time? Please?

Getting back to the topic, even though that Katsuhiro Harada has had a petition &/or blogs for Soul Calibur V or somewhat, I wouldn’t get any hopes up, as petitions/blogs rarely work. I remember people begging Namco for Hwang & Li-Long to return for Soul Calibur IV, & look what happened there.

What I think that companies like Namco is doing is focusing on franchises that are money makers, like the Tekken series (hence, why they announced Tekken 7 & are currently working on Tekken x Street Fighter).

I’ve heard that Project Soul was fired & that half of that team were transferred over to the Tekken team & that the other half just got laid off. It could be a rumor, though.


Think about it. Unlike the Soul Calibur series, the Tekken series never had to depend on famous guest characters in order for those games & sequels to sell very well. Soul Calibur II, IV, & Broken Destiny all had famous guest characters. Tekken had always managed to sell very well without them.

How did SC4 sell compared to T6?

Get rid of the armor break requirement for Soul Finishers…just make it 15% life left, and let that shit go from there. And fix the gameplay. 4 felt sloppy as hell. And make Yun Sung no longer a pirate wannabe, plus bring back 2 and 3’s costumes.

Petitions rarely work which is why I started this one that has things moving in the right direction. We’ll see what happens.

Soul Calibur I sold well without guest characters. Namco just threw them into SCII to see if they could make extra money. They sold a shitton of copies, so, Namco decided to keep on doing it.

The title of the blog entry literally says “SC5 Petition”. No announcement yet.


Want to know why SC2 got more attention and tournament play than SC1? It sure wasn’t a superior game in many respects. Think: Arcade release, multi-platform release, hype train.

SC1 got a under-the-radar arcade release and did well on Dreamcast…but its still Dreamcast. We all know what that means.

Tekken 4 sucking helped too. Sc2 came out when tekken players needed a new game to tide them over until tekken 5

Please update this thread title and first post with current info. Figured I’d revive this thread, instead of making a new one myself.




All I have to say is my favorite fighting game series is back. And I’m very happy. Won’t mar this occasion with polarizing wish lists and ‘demands’. I’m just happy it’s happening.

why is the link broken?

It could also be a sequel for the wii action game.

That game did very badly in sales, and so did the PSP game (which was a standard fighting game, but heavily based on SCIV, and not a completely new title). So, this certainly will be a standard new numbered entry of the series, considering how everything else failed.

link should be fine