Soul Calibur V Top Tier lists from the pros at World Finals



Recorded this at the World Finals, interviewed Keev, Akire, Daishi, Hyrule, and RTD about this.

Long story short most of them agree Mitsurugi and Alpha Patroklos are the best in the game and very few of them put Nightmare up there despite him winning everything.


I definitely agree with ThrowFaceKiller that characters like Nightmare takes a really good player who can read & adapt really well for them to be effective. Nightmare is top tier IMO when someone like Keev uses him. But if you get ordinary scrubs like myself & the majority of the SC players, then he’s not so great.


I think the best way to Rank a Tier List is to look at the Best Moves/Punishers in the game. A character finishing Top in a Tourney, hell even when a character wins MANY tourneys, it still doesn’t mean they are Top Tier (def not for SoulCal). Much more player dependent that other fighters. Nightmare is good in the Right Hands.

My Top 5

Alpha Pat - i12 tc Mid Punisher 214~3aB. Punishable. Can Lead to 70 dmg. Has throws that lead to 80-100. Lacks strong Step Killers. Still Top.

Natsu - i10 high mid Punisher. A:6. Punishable. Leads to Strong Wake Ups and Wall Dmg and RO. Lacks Range but her Speed and damage makes up for it.

Cervantes - i17 tc long range mid iGDR 214:B. Back Throw Punishable. Can lead to 100+ damage. Cervantes has so many Tools its not even funny.

Phyrra(s) - i14 tc 236 (236) B. Stab. Can lead to 60-70 dmg.

Mitsu - 2KB BE Best Knockdown in the game. 33B String Mixups, Hella Damage. Better believe he’s Top 5.

As you can see, Strong Punishers lead to Strong Tier, ie not many bad matchups. The next Top 5 would be much more situational characters.


Characters like Nightmare keep winning with him because there is less room for error than say A. Patrokolos. Therefore I think theory is a weak statement. So my top 3 would be:


According to the recent patch. Before the patch I would say both Pyrah’s would be in Cervantes spot.


Mitsu mah bro. I really like this character, been using it since the day I bought SCV. He is easy to use but still very powerful and he’s a friggin’ samurai.


But by that logic Mitsurugi, Natsu (prepatch), and normal Patroklos should have been winning everything. Since they are much safe and are much more Low Risk/High Reward than Nightmare who him and Siegfried turn the game into a coin flip.


Where is the matchup chart?


In a 3D FG that’s less than a year old, has already had one major patch and is likely getting at least one more in the future? Give it time :slight_smile:


No… Natsu has mostly short range attacks and has more punishable moves than you think. Patroklos is almost that good but not quite there. I meant what I said.


Why are there so many Leixia users if she’s perceived to be on the weaker side?


Who doesn’t wanna pay with Kayane?


3d game tier lists in general are derived differently than 2d game tier lists



Where’s Ezio sitting on the tiers?


Apparently there is one now

Limb length isn’t as much of an issue in this game, Natsu’s limbs aren’t bad at all. Natsu is mostly very safe and very hard to punish in must match ups and certainly far more safe than Nightmare is and ever will be. You’re forgetting there’s such a thing as push back. For example AAB has enough push to it and so little recovery that very few characters can punish it.

Patroklos is listed because his go to bread and butter moves like 66B are very hard to punish.