Soul Calibur V

I dont know if this has been posted yet but does anyone have any info on SCV, release date? characters?

In SCV, all females will get +1 in boob size compared to previous game

…like in every installment of SC series

I wasn’t even aware that it was announced. Seeing as most fighters that no longer get arcade releases before the home version drops tend to suck ass, you can expect the same if Namco ever pulls it out of their ass. Stick with 1 and 2.

These comments are so boring. What wrong with tits? FFS…
Anyhoo, characters/character ideas I would like are:

–Bangoo in the game with dual tomahawks. I don’t care how he plays just give him a Bullrush. lol.
–A sexy young female African voodoo character with a Bow and Arrow set. Give her a very stoic and emo personality but make sure she’s a good guy. She would play way outside of her opponents range but has good K and A+K attacks that knockdown and crazy Capoeria (yeah, I know) moves that hit grounded multiple times. Can use sneaky voodoo stuff like spit potions in her opponents face (like Nina from Tekken) but it should cause shakeable stuns. Oh, and she’s Ivy’s rival because of alchemy and shit.
–Weird female Russian soldier that uses a 16th century rifle with a bayonet on the end. Specializes in hit throws with branching Just Frames. For instance, she can do a 66B and stab you, but if you JF with K she’ll kick you off her weapon which can ringout or wallsplat. However, if you JF with B she would do a Sambo style shoulder throw in the opposite direction instead. She would be execution heavy like Setsuka.

As for the game itself:

–Make Guard Break plus on block. Jesus Christ.
–Put while landing moves back in the game.
–Continue to refine the SCIV/Broken Destiny engine.
It’s fun and interesting and doesn’t let you win with 5-8 moves like other iterations of this game.
–Patch out ALL the bullshit. Don’t do three patches and leave it at that. Patch it accordingly.

I didn’t hear of an announcement, or can find any information hinting at one, so I’m not sure why you’re asking about something that [probably] doesn’t exist. Anyway, I’m sure it wouldn’t be all that different from IV in terms of mechanics and features. Since IV claimed that the story was coming “full cirlce in the last chapter in the battle,” I wouldn’t mind if they scrapped most, or all of the current roster, and made a whole new generation, sort of like what CAPCOM did with Street Fighter III.

I only asked because I read it on the gossip section of GamesMaster Magazine so I thought to see if anyone here heard of it. It also said that a few Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts characters may make appearances. I wouldnt be making this up as I am not exactly a huge fan of the series since SC2.

It’s not happening (Any time soon, at least). Supposedly thanks to Namco’s financial woes, most of Team Soul has been sacked. Add to that the fact that nothing was even hinted towards its existence at E3, and it’s most likely a no go.

You will hear about it at TGS…like SC3/SC4…released Summer 2011

Dante, Cloud, Jack Sparrow, Raiden all selectable.

At a certain point (which SC has reached) it just looks dumb.

You sure about that?

lol. You kinda got me there…

The first Soul Calibur engine is so simple and intuitive in theory, I’m amazed how it can get so messed up in later titles. The whole Horizontal>sidestep>Vertical… plus the 8-way run movment was so fresh at the time. Alot more moves were safe on block compared to later installments where almost nothing was, this made GI’s needed to stop aggressive block strings, and prevented the whole block and punish aspect, which results in a much more turtly and spacing type of game.

The only thing I’ve always hated was the pure 50/50 throw guessing game. I’d glady take the tekken style of throw breaking with visual cues if an A or B break needed. Or hell make throws performed with just directions plus A+G and do it Vf style.

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everyone hates soul calibur now :rofl: I personally don’t see anything wrong with boobs etc, look at all the other fighting games compared to virtua fighter?

VF is technically the best fighting game out there, has respectable character designs but no one can find the will to stick at it for some reason, so now they have swim suit costumes for final tuned :rofl:

to me the point of soul calibur 4 (atleast) is all about controlling the space (like real sword fighting) as opposed to big comboes, when I used to play sc4 I hardly ever got grabbed, and thats because I was playing the game properly.

the game design was heading towards something that would allow more depth and creativity between players, yeah it seemed annoying as a fighting game because it was so different but these games arent supposed to be street fighter or gg or tekken, it’s sword fighting

I think one of the embaressing shames of the fighting game community is your lack of realization of what each fighting game is supposed to represent, all these games players that know next to nothing about weapon fighting or martial arts. you really hold back possibilities with your mindless opinions forged from old mathmatical calculations.

im not ranting by the way, just saying :rofl:

Actually srk just hates everything, as per usual.

Also according to srk, VF is okay but the character designs aren’t awesome enough. Instead of playing the game it suffices to say VF is good and regurgitate random info about it so that you look like you have good fightan gaem credentials.

The rest of the SC team is working on Tekken 7.

Thats what happens when you make 2 bombs in a row. RIP Sc2.

doul calibur 5 coming out this summer 2010 get ready for the new battle

Soul Caliber V: Welcome to the Stoneage :zzz:

Because that formula has turned Ivy from hot dominatrix into a disgusting freak.

Tekken 7, you say? Yes, please.