Soul Calibur V

Hey guys, I know the guys over at are a big community of soul calibur players, but I was wondering if SRK is going to make a sub-forum for it like SF or MVC

If not we can just use this thread.

So basically post it up if you are interested or are picking up SCV we can get some player lobbies rolling day 1

PSN GT: xCrescensx
feel free to add me(will have game tuesday)


I’ve never played any of the older SC games. I’m currently maining Leixia

I have some replays on my youtube for examining purposes if anybody is interested. Http://

I have the game now:


I haven’t played since 2 but trying to get back into it. Using Yoshimitsu and probably gonna dabble in Leixia and Natsu. Viola looks pretty crazy too.

XBL GT is EXjohn

XBL insomnia ftw

Yeah i’m just staring out on this one too. Using Aeon because he looks cool.

PSN: Hullabaloobaboo

Played SC2 back in the day some, but this is my first real stab at learning the series.

Maining Nightmare, for the time being. I just like him because he’s high damage and has a good throw range without being too slow for my tastes (Astaroth, cough cough).

PSN: Tolkun
Last SC I’ve played was 3 on GC. This is first time learning also, frankly it’s not going well. I started out with ZWEI (Didn’t work out) went to Cervantes (Seems better but not quite what I wanted) but now i’m with Patroklos and this is where I’m staying; anyway send friend req, i’m quite free atm.

PSN: Linity

Natsu, Devil Jin, Xiba

You may encounter my brother using Cervantes/Yoshimitsu or my friend playing Raphael/Lexiea/Siegfried

PSN: CommissarMonkey

Always up for some friendlies for practice.


Main: Hilde. I suck at this game

PSN: : LoneHiryu

Ezio, DevilJin, Xiba, Mitsurugi, Siegfried, LeiXia, Z.W.E.I. etc.
You learn one namco fighting game, the concept is the same throughout the rest
[LEFT]pretty free since I’m currently playing with a broken left hand. playing this until it gets better than its back to UMVC3 on xbox.[/LEFT]

Trying to learn this game. It seems like once I’m knocked to the ground, I take an additional 40% damage just trying to get up. WTF should I be doing on wake up?

PSN: ReisenDan

Main: Hilde, for now. Will dabble in a few other characters if she doesn’t work out.

Played SCII way back, was terrible at it. And thus I’m terrible at SCV so far, looking at tips and videos here and there so hopefully I can get a little better.

It’s a weird thing, but once you hit the ground, you can block even though you’re not quite up. I don’t know how to explain it any better.

While you’re in the air, you should try to predict what your opponent is going to followup with and go in a direction that will mess that up.

I wish that SRK would make a guide. I love the icons. The numbered directional notation has always been hard for me to get used to with my slight dyslexia.

I always have to take an extra 3 seconds to think of a numpad on a keyboard once I see those directions.

Thanks for the advice azure. You can block even though you’re not quite up… strange.

Yeah. I am working on that. 8wayrun also goes a bit nuts with acronyms and single letters that stand for other shit. I feel like I need to print out a legend and have it near the keyboard at all times.


Have you finished the combos they provide in the movelist? In training, some of them are crazy good, and the ones they use in Legendary.

Yeah, definitely go into training mode and learn those combos. If you learn how to move efficiently, learn Nightmare’s general range of attack, and then learn even his most basic combos (i.e. 44B > A+B > 2A+B), you’ll be icing fools in no time. 8WR is definitely an awesome resource, though. I just found out about it after taking a huge hiatus from the series, and I feel like I’ve learned more about the game in the last few weeks than I new from a year or more of playing SC2 with my brother and friends, lol.

Single letters that stand for shit?? One example?
This is reminding me of my smash days withh all that SHFFLE dair nair fair stuff… lol