Soul Calibur VI Create A Soul: Everything but lizard D is here


I tried to do a Rainbow Mika…

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Close enough.

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Mika’s partner in crime. Yamato Nadeshiko

Mika’s biggest enemy. Yasha Nadeshiko

Red Sonja


Made a sort of variant on one of my Final Fantasy XIV characters. If I had known that the coat belonged to Grøh, perhaps I wouldn’t have used it. Oh well.

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Xianghua edit was just ‘doodling’ and ended up being a fave for me. I never used the long coat on a female (just never fits well) but X’s petite body wears it nice. Of course my typical color scheme is on but what really works for me is the silver head piece. Makes her look kinda urban fantasy in a way.

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Ruby Heart

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Urban Revenge and Ninja Storm Taki.

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Nice one. The Sakura is dead on. Before the new pieces the only Sakura i could manage was her SFV version.


Thanks man, yeah I like that SFV Sakura, I was thinking about making one myself as well.

I’ll have to start deleting some of my old creations first though. Time to start transferring stuff from Unique to Customize… again…

Well, since I can’t make new characters for now, I’ll just update my old ones. Elena was one of my first creations but I always felt like I should have made her top a bit more accurate along with her colors in general.

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Your Elena runs circles around mine. Great job man.


I really couldn’t come up with a good solution for her hair but I tried anyway.


I may have to mess around with this more. Maybe this weekend when I’m not watching Final Round.