Soul Calibur vs. my hacked 360 pcb stick

I mentioned this in the padhacking thread but thought i’d throw it out here again.

I recently completed my first and second custom sticks, wired 360 pcb and all. They work great with street fighter, any version.

But when i pop in Soul Calibur 2 (or 1 from XBLA) it acts fine till the actual gameplay, then the characters act as if you are holding down block continuously.

I even connected them to my pc to use the game controller config to check that the buttons aren’t firing randomly and it appears they are not.

Anyone else’s custom stick act funky like that?

I’m going to be so bummed if my stick doesnt work with SC4 in a couple weeks.

Have you checked the button setup to make sure the triggers aren’t mapped?

How do you mean? When i modded the pcb I only hacked ABXY and the bumper buttons.

I didnt touch the triggers other than to snap them off. Are you saying mapped in the game config? or mapped in the connections on the pcb.

thanks for your response~

I’m pretty sure hes saying button mapping in the game itself. See if you can un-set the trigger buttons in the game config itself.

That was it!

I had to use a regular controller to un-map the triggers in the game settings and then after that it worked fine.

That’s so crazy, i wonder why it would think the triggers were being pressed.

thanks guys!

You probably removed the pots from the PCB. If you do that the pcb will think they are always depressed. Put a 10k resister in there to fix that. edit: if you didn’t remove the pots, one or both is probably just turned to on. twist it to turn it off and you could probably glue it in place or something.

I did remove them.

I’ll do that , thanks!