Soul Calibur WTF

[LEFT]It seems in our modern day fighting game community, Soul Calibur is suddenly the unpopular fat kid on the end of the street opposed to Blazblue, SF, or Tekken. Why is this?[/LEFT]

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because its shit?

From general opinion, many fans were disappointed with Soul Calibur IV. Forums were flooded with complaints about unbalance and how the developers had removed everything that made SC3 enjoyable.

I’ve never been interested in Soul Calibur myself, but I know much of the fanbase would have you believe the series began to decline after the second instalment. For them, SC4 must’ve been the final nail in the S. Calibur coffin.

Soul Calibur was well respected in the tournament community back in the SC2 days. SC3 and 4 slowed the game down a lot, they’re still good games but a lot of people hated them, especially 4.

I’m not sure if super moves in the upcoming game is gonna help either…

They’ve said they’re making the gameplay a lot faster and it will feel more like old Soul games. So I have hope.

I still don’t fully understand this either. I haven’t played Soul Calibur extensively since part 2, but that game was very impressive and fun. IMO, not all the characters were equally balanced, but many were. So anyone from Xiangfua to Siegfried could win.

I played both part 3 and 4 one time, one match. It felt significantly slower and less “free.” Felt like my character had weights on them compared to SC2.

Honestly, I don’t understand why Tekken has a base but this doesn’t. To me, Tekken seems less deep and less competitive. In fact, I’d dare say there are less viable characters in Tekken than SC both by number and percent.

I’m not trying to troll. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I have not played SC or Tekken competitively, but I have played both series extensively.

None of my friends are that competitive with fighting games, but whenever the topic is brought up the first thing any of them mention is how much they like SC. I think if the online play for IV wasn’t as lag filled as it was it could have maintained more interest and gotten fairly big. Heres hoping V has better luck

Its Fairly Common Knowledge that SRKers Struggle with Block Buttons. This is Why Tekken is so popular, it plays like a 2D game hahah…

But seriously SC is a great series. The only reason there are so many complaints is because every Game is Great, and this is the only Series that Takes RISKS from game to game, and in the end, sours some fans because Namco decided to make a “different game”.

Really though. They dont know how to use Block Buttons, and Tekken, SF, MK have been around so long, BB is GG cuzn which is the anti-capcom crowd, and yea…

i love SC, but 5 is starting to look like 3d VS.


Tekken and Blazblue are also unpopular and fat.

Soul Calibur really hasn’t been the same since SCII. SCIII was a disappointing follow-up and SCIV was even worse. Hopefully SCV will turn all of that around.

There’s some misinformation here so brief history…

The high point was obv SC2. The game was very balanced, but feel from grace in the tournament scene after an EVO finals where they were splitting the pot and put no show on. As well the game was overly turtlish since step, guard beat everything so it wasn’t fun to watch. SC3 happened and was loved by casuals but HATED by competitive community. It was unbalanced, glitchy, and just bad. SC4 was a vast improvement to 3 in terms of gameplay, but not in single player so you get casuals who complain about 4, but competitive players who like it. While SC2 was more balanced…SC4 is regarded as a better game due to new mechanics and having more depth. The big flaw was Hilde. The community argued and sadly the wrong side won and Hilde was allowed at EVO. Despite not winning, in order to beat her you must play by stripping away a lot of the game mechanics so that you are completely safe from her Doom Combo. So people would get randomed out trying to turtle and poke for whole matches and the only interesting part of a match was waiting for the sudden hail Mary RO from Hilde FTW to steal it away. Overall though SC4 is fairly balanced with only Hilde being broken. Even the bad characters can win in high level tournament (except Mina, Yoda, and Rock).

So no SC4 was an improvement from 3. The reason this game died is because 3 was poorly advertised, was uncompetitive, only for PS2, and bad when compared to SC2 which came out in the same console generation. The only thing SC4 did worst was the single player. Gameplay, balance, mechanics, etc… it is a better game.

Expect SC5 to merge the best of 2 and 4 with the new mechanics. We expect a highly competitive game and proper nerf patching.

And SC does have a player base. is the main site for it. We have open lines of communication with the creators and they now advertise us on their site.

I loved SoulBlade, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur II, but just couldn’t get into SC3. The movesets were heavily reduced, and the graphics were a step backwards with the oversaturated colours. I did like the casual stuff, like create a character and random characters, but it just wasn’t a very solid game.
I’ve only just started playing around with SC4, but so far I like it.


P.S. This is exactly why I’m looking forward to SCV.

Despite 3 being a bad game in itself, I played it longer than I did 4 for some reason. I must of played 4 for about 2 months before letting it collect dust.

That’s because 3 was fucking insane. It also had the true Zasalamel; fuck that guy in IV. I kinda wish they would just stop fucking with people’s movelist from game to game for no reason. Its like, unless you have Tits in that game, your characters moveset is going to get fucked with; this of course means that Ivy has a big ol tranny cock.

SC4 had potential… but no, it didn’t.

Because it hasn’t received big updates like Street Fighter.
Imagine if we would still play SF4 vanilla. Most people probably won’t, because every game gets boring after some time. And updates keep the game alive.

SC4 is a great game, I play it at the moment. Better netcode than Marvel and MK9 imo.
It’s the best SC so far. And Ivy is still the hottest video game character. :smiley:

SRK is full of haters and SF fanboys, don’t get a wrong impression of the game, because of SRK.

Look at for example. Biggest SC site, friendly people and a lot of activity.