Soul Calibur...?


I’ve never really paid much attention to EVO, and have only casually played various fighting games since my youth. Though above all my favorite had always been Soul Calibur. I know SC2HD was released on PS3. Curious as to why SCV or SC2HD isn’t a headliner game? I’ve never played competitively beyond my friend group - though there were many-a-nights where we’d often guard battle much like in many popular games, waiting for the one moment to start a string to end it.

What’s the consensus? As I’ve googled around I’ve read many times it’s a “Entry level fighting game” is that simply from spammability or imbalancing? Just wondering on the thoughts of the guys here as to the game / franchise, how it’s declined since and why does it not have people playing it as religiously as people still play Street Fighter 2 or Smash 64 / Melee?


It’s just that not many people play it anymore.
The SC community just isn’t as strong as other fighting games in terms of showing up at tournaments.
SC was present at several EVOs as a headliner game but after a couple of years the numbers dwindle down so far that it isn’t profitable anymore for EVO to bring it to the mainstage.

Every year there’s various side streams and side tournaments for less popular games though, so if you’re lucky you’ll get to see some SC action this year.


Soul Calibur definitely needs SC6 to come out


Don’t Worry about what is “popular” Everyone is losing their shit over 5k+ entrants who entered SF5 for EVO, but that is only a fraction of the people who bought the game and is most likely a smaller number than those who stole it. Games are supposed to be fun and if you love Soul Calibur play it and introduce your friends to it. TheFGC is not the be all and end all


Soul Calibur is hella fun. Unfortunately, the series has had quite a few missteps lately. SCIII wasn’t as bad as some people make it out to be, but unfortunately had a few issues that made it unsuitable for high level competitive play, SCIV was pretty ass, SCV was actually really good but had a weird roster and felt like a complete rush job, and all the weird spin-offs certainly didn’t help much. This shrunk the community and made it a minority game.

Not to mention that the marketing for SCV was… less than stellar.