Soul Eater Fighting Game on Da way

Yup, that didn’t take long at all.

It’ll be PS2/PSP…sounds good to me.

Taken from the Magicbox

grainy images found here:

neato, though I expect it to be terrible.

I wish more Anime games used 2d sprites(since alot of them end up being 2D fighters anyways)

or atleast had less pixelated 3D models

I mean the naruto ones look great. Why can’t other games look like those?

How many major fighters we got this year, really? 12 now?

Great, another straight-to-console fighter that’ll most likely be broken as hell and forgotten in a week.

Silly cash-in games making my penis soft. Fuck this shovelware.

Or it could be good who knows :confused:

Meh, it’ll be crap but you know…PSP. So yeah I’ll try it out I guess.

One button combos ahoy? Nuuuuooooo~…

Wait wasn’t this a rpg?

it will feature deep gameplay

I would imagine a soul eater fighting game as a 2D fighter that plays like MvC2

Yeah(save for the MvC2 part. I imagined more in the vein of Guilty Gear)

but I guess 2D sprites would probably cost more than these anime game budgets allow

If it gets anymore popular it could be possible but right now we should EXPECT quick cash tie-ins until a decent dev team gets told “Hey, people like this franchise, let’s do something cool with it!”

Arcsys would definitely do this series right though.

Soul Eater is a decent anime. So I expect the game to be as semi-decent as the show is. I could name a couple of animes that actually deserve fighting games instead of this but whatever. I’ll check this shit out though.

Soul Eater is more than just semi-decent…

At least as far as animation quality and production values go, it’s outstanding.

Almost Every episode has at least one “wow” moment in it, the animation is amazingly fluid for a TV anime series and the fight scenes are fantastically well presented. And there are hardly any fillers.

It’s also very stylish and very non-lame. It’s basically everything I could want in an anime series.

So I hope they do a good job of this game.





Uploaded commercials and PV to youtube

Nice going, so far it doesn’t look THAT gimmicky…

Pre-Orders if anyone cares:



I’ll probably pick up the PS2 version. I have a cousin I’ve been trying to get into fighting games and he’s a huge Soul Eater fan so this just might do the trick.

Yeah that’s how I found the website

That’s where I ripped the commercials and PV from

In the system section there are little soundless match vids that kind of show off what you can do in the game.

So far it looks no better or worse than that Reborn PSP game. So it’ll be fun to play on PSP online over ad-hoc party for Soul Eater fans at least.

= Unf.

I’d love to see a shonen anime version of dat Mahvel. It would be the general idea of Jump! Ultimate Stars but with a well-thought out and awesome traditional 2D fighter base. If done right (like if Aksys or one of the better doujin fighter designers got on it) that game could be amazing.

Who’s with me?