Soul Edge/Blade: Why has it been entirely forgotten?

I can’t speak for everyone here or elsewhere, but why isn’t Soul Edge/Blade as fondly recalled if at all) like its immediate sequel “Soul Calibur”, which has seemingly taking its place as the first in the Soul series (in some people’s eyes)? Is it because it falls under that group of first and second-gen 3D fighting games (VF1, Tekken 1, BAT1) in that its dull and unplayable w/little replay value? Was it the (semi-controversial) 30FPS frame rate (which in turn enabled Namco to pull off one of the best-looking 32-Bit 3D fighting games this side of Tobal 2).

For those of you who’re familiar with the game and played it back then, do you think that (then and now) it was underrated and if it still holds up compared to its sequels, or does it indeed join the ranks of the original Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Toshinden as nostalgic novelties? (Jack-1: Big-ass upper body, small-ass lower body and legs=:rofl: )

I liked it. pretty good. Cervantes + Lizard’s Tongue or whatever it was called owns everything though.

Huh?! Actually I loooved Soul Blade =O The ring outs in retrospect were very anti-climactic though… LOL.

I downloaded the game for my PSP and for some reason it kept freezing right before a Voldo fight. ROFL. My system ph33rs teh Voldo?

I think it’s been “forgotten” because well… Soul Calibur came out for Dreamcast right? I guess because people have only really seen SC and only that series in the arcades, nobody really remembers the OG anymore, huh?

Oh great now I have the Soul Blade intro song in my head. THANKS! X]

Soul Blade got tons of hype back in the day because of the amount of effort put into the console version - the Edge Master Mode, tons and tons of secrets, etc.

It hasn’t held up well at all, though. I recall that a good number of strings would completely combo, the weapon meter was kind of a lame idea, and I think there was something wrong with the critical edge attack.

Wut? The home port of Soul Edge was friggin amazing. Game is definitely underrated. Game gets no play cause it’s old.

Oh, and epic intro FTW:


because unlike subsequent installments, soul calibur 1 was better than its predecessor in every way

Wow, I remember that opening. Pretty good CG for the time actually.:tup:
The epicness is almost countered by that hair flick at the start though…


this is why

Soul Edge was a very good game in those years, but its get really old… i played it some months ago and its fun enough but too fucking slow, even World Warriors seems a more faster game that Soul Edge.

LMAO at the voice acting. I don’t remember it being THAT bad.

I still have an orginal copy of the game somewhere in my house. It was the shit back in the day. It has the best 1 player mode out of any of the other Soul games, but the 2 player game is slow as hell… It was good for its time, but it is outdated and SC is a better and faster game.

I loved Soul Edge for its amazing presentation, and all the good stuff in the console port. Unfortunately, its gameplay just wasn’t very interesting. There were a lot of good ideas, but they didn’t come to fruition until Soul Calibur.

“This is the soledge…”



“Ar-en’t-you-lone-ly-with-out-your-mother-and-father? DURRRRR!”


i used to play that game in the arcades :rofl: console version was good too

With me, going back to playing old ass ps1 3d games is extremely hard to do no matter how good the game happens to be. That is just me though.

i played that game to death… i think between me and my friends we had about six or so copies with over 100 hours into each.

Oh god…I was KILLING this game in the Air Force back in '97. We had the arcade cab in our squadron’s building in the first floor day room, and I found the psx version at the bx a week after I go there…TOTALLY started raping people 100 % of the time in the day room. They were wondering what was going on until one day we were cleaning our floor and I was beasting on my dorm mate with the volume up. After that, everybody’s “Holy shit! It’s out on psx?! …lemme borrow it!!!111” i said “no” so many times within 4 weeks that the word lost all meaning. And I LOVE how the critical edge combos auto-finish when you beat someone with them. Is it just me, or were the home version’s graphics better than the arcade?

Soul Edge still has one of the greatest soundtracks in the Soul Calibur franchise!!!

Voldo’s Stage FTW!!!

I have to say that no Soul game has since matched the greatness of Soul Blade’s soundtrack in my view. Voldo’s theme was indeed awesome, but for me it’s always been about Mina, Hwang, and Cervantes. And Taki’s random club banger.

The music was very memorable, distinct, and appropriate. Nowadays, Soul music sorta blends into the background…it’s appropriate, but not so memorable or distinct.

SC1 had a few hits, too (Nightmare’s and Ivy’s). Other than that…meh.

Cervantes’ theme in SC3, maybe…

The grueling battle ended with the victory of… Mitsurugi! (“HAHAHAHAHAHA!”)

Man, played it back then in the arcade as a kid. I remember that the game would always give me ghoosebumps. I was totally sucked in by the game’s graphics and music (Only few games had ever done that to me. Another one I could name from the top of my head is Panzer Dragoon 2). I was also scared by Voldo and Soul Edge, so I would always get nervous as shit when I fight them. :looney: Man too bad I haven’t really gotten same feeling from the series since then (or any other games at that matter). I guess It’s only a kid thing, since kids are easy to impress.