Soul Edge/Blade: Why has it been entirely forgotten?


this thread sucks i wish i could delete it :rolleyes:

Compared to any given Smash Bros. thread, this one is a work of masterful art.

I liked Sophitia’s stage with the vocals at the beginning of the track. Haunting.

That be her “Khan Super Session” BGM.
“Blade” is still one of the few fighting games to contain more than two selectable soundtracks. With the “Edge Master Mode” I bet that PS1 CD was packed.

…and I got neg repped to hell. Seriously, what the hell is this all about? All I did was bring up “Soul Blade”. Its not like its a completely redundant prequel ala vanilla SF2, vanilla SSF2, the original Tekken and Virtua Fighter etc.

The intro was pretty sick…

Didn’t know u were a fan, u should have mentioned it so we could have thrown this into the mix with our casuals. Playing 3s and cvs2 all day gets old…

Ooh snap ~ agreed. Some people i know hate the intro / theme etc… . can’t get enough of it ~ stage select, everything. Good memories =)


WAAAAAH X2 is so epic

the game was one of the best in psx, i still have my copy, really good memories with this one


QFT. Most of the music was badass too. I still listen to the Soul Edge KHAN Super Session soundtrack often.

“You got to get to the Edge of Soul, to carry on, deep in your heart! To love, to shine!”

The intro and the music with it kicks so much ass!

We need more memorable soundtracks nowadays!

“We all need, to shine on, to see!”

Oh man, that game brings back so many memories. I really enjoyed it and still think it has the best intro in the series.

Ahh, dude…we used to play that hardcore, remember that?:rofl:

Of course. No Ivy there for you though. Who DID you use?

Shit man, I can’t even remember but I’m going to take a wild guess and say Voldo and Taki.

Nuh huh, Taki’s MY bitch.

I have so many fond memories of Soul Edge’s music and stages. I used to play Sophitia and Seung Mina and remember all of their voice quotes. The game was such a memorable piece of work. It’s just too bad that it aged so poorly.

When I heard XBox Live Arcade was getting a port of Soul Calibur, the first thing I thought was ‘wut? Screw that, where’s my Soul Edge remake?!’

<3 Soul Edge.

IMO, Soul Edge had the greatest character select theme ever. So. Epic (it’s called “Epic Calling” lol).