Soul Edge - Tier listing and General Strategy

Hey guys! I recently started playing Soul Edge again, It certianly has been awhile >.>; I am familiar with SC2-3 tier listings and top tier strats, and the way I remembered soul edge, I figured Id be able to pick it back up pretty easily…

It would seem I was dead wrong. Guard cancels, blockstun, hitstun, throw range, hitboxes in general, mitsu’s speed…its all so different from even what I remember of SC1. Then adding the weapons into the mix seems like it would give the tier listings a bump too.

I was wondering if anyone could put up a defenitive tier list for Soul Edge, and perhaps in addition to the discussion of the tier listings, we could discuss strats for the top tier characters in the game. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

No reason to throw in weapons into the mix since it has never been considered in the other games. Li Long would be broken since his weapon was stupid fast and could disarm you in a matter of seconds.

I feel you on li long. He does alot of damage considering his speed, and if you cant outpoke him, your weapon is pretty much dust, like you said.

I feel sophi still has a big advantage in the fight though, cause she can outpoke him, and he has enough recovery on his moves to where a well placed sidestep usually leads to A+B+G dirtyness. Taki is in a position to outpoke him as well, just with sheer speed. I would also say a well played mitsu has an advantage with a good combonation of speed and range. Other than that li long pretty much rapes.

Anyone else?

Li Long>*

nigga was so broke namco murked his ass! :nunchuck:

I would have to say Mitsu being at the top since he had the fastest low in the game. Sig’s 3K series and 3K itself was quick poking for tons of damage.

Guard canceling is sooo broken in this game >.<

A guard cancel off anything pretty much = a free anything for you. Its not a balanced parry system at all. Other than that, mitsu is hella fast in this game. His range seems to be a bit further on some of his command normals as well.

I will say that since guard canceling is so good, and blocking along with frame knowledge is so important, any of the chars could be good with engine knowledge. Its just a matter of figuring out the best juggles with each person. Sophitia isnt as broken in this one for sure after a little practice. She does alot of juggle damage, but ring out potential on a juggle is next to none. :frowning:

Li long is so F*ing strong, but he takes alot of damage too. The best way ive been able to combat it is outrange him and make him guess in order to get close. Or another li long xD. The good part is even sophie outranges him, and comes pretty close to matching his hits damage wise, so trading doesnt suck so bad like with mitsu or taki. Also LMAO @ rocks regen wep. that shit is too good.