Soul of a Hustler

Just some things I was feeling lately…

Soul of a Hustler
there’s gotta be a better way there’s gotta be an answer
I swear, there’s gotta be a cure for this cancer
I assess the situation and look into the dark
recesses of my own mind lookin for the part
that betrayed me, introspection I look into my heart and I see
a young man who’s future’s yet to be
caught between a rock and a hard
the type of shit to make a man with no faith start talking to god but nah
I control my own fate no imaginary friend to save me I gotta save myself
If I thought there wasn’t chance to make myself
into a successful man I’d slay myself
but I can understand the worlds perception of me
the lack of respect cuz i’m not what they expect me to be
but damn what’s your problem with letting me breathe?
the enlightened will triumph especially me
I’m thankful for my vision cuz it’s letting me see
that the words on this page are settin me free
and believe I don’t give a FUCK of your impression of me
self acceptance is one of life’s lessons to heed
damn nowadays panties soakin over money
so you better have alot if you scopin for a honey
it’s the root of all evil but it makes the whole world spin
and goddamn that’s why me and my girl split
all at once sent my life into a whirlwind
trying to escape this trap I’ve been hurled in
I can’t see the sun I’m too focused on the storm
This shit is gettin hard I can’t focus anymore

Hyper Viper Facepalm
Oh god…


Cry me a river.

And that shit was wack to boot lol. Like souljah boy wack.

You sir, have gone lower than Michael Jackson after he done fucked up with some little boys. :shake:

Hop off the dick Jr. I can spit circles around your dumb ass kid, so don’t front like it’s anything BUT that.

You’re obviously not objective on somethin like this, so why fuckin say anything like it holds any kind of weight? Cuz you’re a bitch? GTFO

Why are you still here? It’s been proven time and time again that you’re a complete assclown… Lest we forget?

lol goddamn, you still on my sack and balls? You’re huggin my nuts tighter than Warlock Biggzy and Kev combined…and Kev stalked me for WEEKS. Give it up dude. I’m still here, I’m gonna be here and eat a dick if you don’t like it. Your bullshit is gettin old. ignore

Have fun with that. :tup:

I see what you did there…

But you’re a bitch obsessed with trying to use someone else’s battle (which, incidently is over) to make your dumb ass look better. Who the fuck ARE you first of all, and stop following me around like a puppy.

Two of my worst enemies fighting each other… Yes!! Yes!! Continue!! To the death!!

I wouldn’t call it obsession.
I’d call it me laughing at you still puffing up like a porcupine fish when everyone knows you’re just full of hot air.

I lol’d. If it were a fistfight, I’d lose. Tbh the only reason I respond to Brandon’s posts is because I like reading his responses. They’re so pathetic it’s hilarious.

And internet anonymity and cowardess reveals itself for what it is. That’s the only reason most any of you fucktards say what you do. Here’s the 64K dollar question. If you’re stuck up the high horse’s ass, wouldn’t you feel bad saying shit from a distance you wouldn’t tell someone if they were standing next to you? That’s a bitch move.

And don’t use my name like you know me.

Nice album cover

It’s like Ghetto Emo.


That’s the second trend you’ve started Son. The first one being Sonned.


If you count each of his girlfriends individually, it’s the 45th thing he’s made up so far.

Technically you can count them all under “Social Life.” so I suppose its 3.

Big words for such a little boy, Brandon.

Say what you want to? Dude. You don’t actually think this shit is GOOD do you? It’s fucking horrible. Beyond that, you continue to post rediculous bullshit trying to walk yourself up a ladder when everyone knows how fucking fake you really are.

And you backpeddle to fucking internet anonymity? And how nobody would say this shit to your face? I sure as fuck would. Shit is shit, plain and simple.

You need some serious fucking help bro. You need to start being honest with yourself because for the past 2 months or so I’ve seen you continually call for help on this forum. It’s like you are (not-so)secretly trying to get as much attention as you can to feel better about yourself. I don’t know if its a lack of real friends or if you are just really screwed the fuck up, but you need to take a long vacation from here.

And how did you expect people to react after the shit you pulled, and then writing some emo fucking rhyme about how you’re ‘down but not out’ and how “the enlightened will triumph especially me” type shit? LOL that’s fucking rediculous. The “The Shit will fall” and you already have.

This bitch keeps coming back. is this the e-equivalent of battered wife syndrome? How dumb do you have to be to think, “Hey, you know what I’ll do today? Write some shitty ass rap lyric and post it on a board where no one likes me. That’s the shit!” Garbage was probably plagiarized off of a myspace anyway.