Soul Society: Rose General Discussion!

Okay so I’ve gone and done it. :lovin: I felt this forum was missing this since I’m so used to bonding with the Sakura players and I want the Rose players to do the same.

Red Pantie Addicts Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!

So first things first. Somebody suggest a better name lol.

A walk in the garden: Rose general discussion?

Band of gypsies…

Witches coven…

uhhh… pricking and pruning…???

The Soul Hole

Soul COM

Soul Control

Spiral Infection

Afraid of the Spark?

Reflections of the Soul

Simply “soul power” I’m sure James Brown played Rose.

Lol Soul Power was the first name I thought of. I’ll change it to that for now unless everyone agrees on something else. Band of gypsies sounds cool too. I also thought of the Borat movie when he wanted to collect ‘Gypsy Tears’ lol.

What do you guys think of the new Alt 2? I love it but some people in my list don’t like it for some reason.

I like the leg and the cleavage of course!

Btw I just did a search on youtube. I had no idea what Rose’s theme was and I can’t believe it was this.


I don’t feel like this theme suits her. Did she have a better one in the old alpha games?

That is a remix of her theme from Street Fighter Alpha 2. She has another theme from Street Fighter Alpha 3 called Scala, but none of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 songs were used in this game.


Rose is amazing :>

I really like her A3 song. A2 is cool also. Just a little too double dragon to portray Rose.

The title should be “Something Hard and tHorny” :).

I love Roogle’s alpha games trivia, brings back memories haha

After looking up Rose’s Alpha 3 theme, I have to say, it fits her way better than the A1,2, & SSF4 themes. Much more mystical and whatnot.

Also, to respond to Flowers’ 2nd question about the new alt costume, I love it… but not entirely. While the dress itself is rather flattering, it does seem to give her like 2 yards of cleavage. Which I didn’t see from the other 2 outfits.
In addition, she’s wearing a flamenco hat, which is from Spain; Rose is Italian. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something I noticed and googled one night out of boredom.

rose has a godlike theme in super. I love it.

as for the alt, I think it could of been better, ditch the hat and tone down the frills, maybe some nicer colors (a deep blood red would of been awesome, with a yellow scarf). I say I like her original most still.

Roses theme reminds me of Castlvania for some reason.

I still think Roses original outfit is one of capcoms best character designs thruout their games, but her alts are great too!

Hard to go wrong with a Gorgeous lady.

anyone notice how manly roses legs are with alternate 2.

lmao! Manly? No way dude. Her legs are more tasty than ever. I only like her original outfit in purple so far. I haven’t seen them all yet. Might go through them all sometime. Has anyone got a list of her taunts and win quotes? I can’t seem to find a good one. What do you guys use?

Yeah I think they should have remixed the alpha 3 theme too but I’ve never played any alpha games so maybe the old fans like the early versions and current super and vanilla versions more.

Nice trivia on Rose’s hat. Good stuff.

EDIT: Never mind about Rose win quotes. Just found this:

Character Win Quotes

I think I’ll be going with 6 & 11. I still need a list of taunts for Rose though.

I use 9 on Alt 2, 4 on Alt 1, 1 on Original.

You can’t go wrong with the original, but I also use #4 on Original.

Depending on my mood, I mostly use 1 on Original >.>

I’ve been stuck on original costume gray and whatever taunt she crosses her arms (almost a ladylike Bison focus/teleport/taunt #1), then gestures with one hand while saying “I will seal away your power.” To hear that is one of the reasons it’s good to set Rose’s voice to English… otherwise she looks like another taunting bitch.

Other notable taunts are the one she fluffs her hair with both hands (not sure how that’d look in alt 2), and one where she turns her back dramatically and laughs.

If I’m wearing alt 1, I normally do the one where she turns around, and says “Don’t be careless” (I think). Pretty much just because she wears see-through pants, and turning around to show her assets may distract my opponent (hey, stranger things have happened). Apart from that, I don’t normally care about the taunt, I think I have it on 3 right now (she puts her hand in front of her right eye like she’s taking an eye exam).

Win quote is either 1, 6, 9, or 11 if I’m playing friends (just so they get extra salty). As for her outfit, I like all of them, but they all kind of irk me too. Her original in the red just immediately reminded me of Carmen Sandiego, which just makes me sing the song in my head every time… distracting. Alt 1 nails the mystical gypsy look, but it also nails the “do somethin’ strange for a piece of change” look… to me, at least. And alt 2 works, but again, the 2 yards of cleavage sort of confounds me.
I’m nitpicking though, Rose’d look good in anything, really.

I personally like taunt 5.

You’re winning, you stun them, you have a commanding lead.

“Believe in your own power!”