Soul Society: Rose General Discussion!

Late, but may as well. Maining Chun, but picking up Rose too. It’s here and at the Chun subforum where I am most comfortable, SF4-wise. Feel free to add…


Rose is a boring low-tier character; I still love her, however.

And -albeit we never get what we want- we still have hope; they are still balancing AE2012 and there’s going to be one more balanced patch at the end of November with all the change notes.

Everyone, be like me and turn Christian/Catholic and go to church every week and pray for these changes; I sometimes find myself, before I sleep, praying. :smiley:

i really don’t have any hope.

So im just messing around with Adon until then, but will still use her ;__;

I’m still holding out hope. I’ve tried to switch mains, but every time I do… I go crawling back to Rose.

I don’t think it’s even in my blood to drop her at this point lol. Just not possible, nerfs or buffs be damned… still a Rose main. :lovin:

You are awesome simply for being a Shermie fan, btw.

We should start a thread about what Option Select she has and against who it is the most effective. I think it would be a great addition with the match ups thread being filled up.

Of course there are the universal OS sweep and such but what to choose between OS spiral and OS spark against some opponents could help some of the Rose community

EDIT: also adding some stuff about what whiffs on Rose when an opponent does a certain move could be useful.


So I accidently found this out during a match, Rose can juggle combo her ultra 1 off a reflected hadouken from Gouken. It’s probably not that viable for a real match since Gouken could easily tatsu over top, but I thought it was neat. I’ve been maining Rose since vanilla, so when this ended up working I was pretty shocked.

Start it Cerb.

I would, but i know so little ;__;

weird that it works only with gouken…

I’m only good at trying the OS in training room. But during matches / against who etc…I don’t know anything about this lol

I have a suggestion for you…

Learn the Rose match up. :). It’s a 5-5 match up, not 10-0 (20-0) in my favor :).

Guys im selling my rose stick to make room for a new stick. Check the trading outlet. Rose balltop not included.

I understand OS in theory… but actually working it into my game has been, well… ever seen those old “this is your brain on drugs” commercials? :oops:

My Tekken mindset of “react to everything!!” is still dominating my mind, lol.

Anyhow, OS is certainly something I need to work on to improve, though, so I’d love to see this happen. I think it’s mostly knowing how and when to apply OS that still eludes me (and how to practice them I suppose).

Yo right about it in the match up thread and maybe like this it will be easier for me! :slight_smile:
I only have 1 rose player in my community and he plays totally differently than you so its kinda hard for me >_>

The balltop is about the only good thing on the stick.

Yep, pretty unique 1 of 1, noone else has a roseballtop.

The Rose on the stick is ugly, no one would want to buy ut.

But the Rose balltop is a classic.

i already got 3 intrest. Gotta appreciate the purple heart :slight_smile:

You can change the artwork.

Tried this out. I like how Rose is able is to juggle gouken with his own fireball.
Reflected gouken fireball > soul piede > soul throw in the corner lololol

man I wish u1 had juggle properties.

It’s just because Goukens Hado has a juggle state like an Anti-Air Focus, rose can combo into her U1 after that as well. In my opinion^^

By the way, i made a topic in a german forum for rose normals:

Better quality than the Eventhubs scans

but there are some stuff I still dont get about being able to gouken with U1 from a reflected hadouken…from what I understand his hadoukens (1 hit, charged, ex or w/e works) have juggle properties…but what about akuma’s ex fireball ? he can EX tatsu or DP after it but Rose can’t U1 ? Ryu can U1 after EX fireball but Rose can’t ? Now I know that both fireballs causes knockdown but what about E.ryu or Oni’s regular fireballs ? Rose still can’t U1 them after reflecting them back…

EDIT: My theory is that Capcom must have added juggle capabilities directly to Gouken’s fireballs…now imagine if they made Rose’s U1 having juggle properties lol. Not only she would be able to get people from a any reflected fireballs but from HP reflect as well…

I wonder if Gouken is the only with fireballs that have juggle properties…