Soul Society: Rose General Discussion!

The Rose on the stick is ugly, no one would want to buy ut.

But the Rose balltop is a classic.

i already got 3 intrest. Gotta appreciate the purple heart :slight_smile:

You can change the artwork.

Tried this out. I like how Rose is able is to juggle gouken with his own fireball.
Reflected gouken fireball > soul piede > soul throw in the corner lololol

man I wish u1 had juggle properties.

It’s just because Goukens Hado has a juggle state like an Anti-Air Focus, rose can combo into her U1 after that as well. In my opinion^^

By the way, i made a topic in a german forum for rose normals:

Better quality than the Eventhubs scans

but there are some stuff I still dont get about being able to gouken with U1 from a reflected hadouken…from what I understand his hadoukens (1 hit, charged, ex or w/e works) have juggle properties…but what about akuma’s ex fireball ? he can EX tatsu or DP after it but Rose can’t U1 ? Ryu can U1 after EX fireball but Rose can’t ? Now I know that both fireballs causes knockdown but what about E.ryu or Oni’s regular fireballs ? Rose still can’t U1 them after reflecting them back…

EDIT: My theory is that Capcom must have added juggle capabilities directly to Gouken’s fireballs…now imagine if they made Rose’s U1 having juggle properties lol. Not only she would be able to get people from a any reflected fireballs but from HP reflect as well…

I wonder if Gouken is the only with fireballs that have juggle properties…

What frame traps is nice with Rose in the corner? I don’t know how reliable the frame data are on the net

cr.lp > cr.hp xx mp/hp fireball?
cr.hp xx ex fireball > cr.lp > (hitconfirm from here to

Also what is cl.hp on block and mp/hp/ex fireball on block?

Don’t bother throwing out MP Sparks unless you’re going to FADC them. They’re neutral on hit and -4 on block. Stick with HP and EX Spark. They’re +2 and neutral on block respectively. I would definitely go with EX Spark in the corner since you can link it into cr. MP xx Spiral (cr. HP xx EX Spark will leave you too far away to link into cr. LP). HP Spark can be mashed out of.

cl. MK/cr.LK -> cr. HP xx EX Soul Spark is a decent trap but for most characters you’re going to need an extra bar to cancel the followup cr. MP into EX Spiral instead of a normal version.

GGs the other day Anton. :slight_smile: I have such a long way to go in this game it’s not even funny lol.

Brain’s still in rushdown mode perhaps. Switch between both characters regularly and you’ll gradually develop separate playstyles for them.

The two she-Bisons are from pretty different schools of thought I guess

I like rushing down makoto with Rose :slight_smile:

meaty lk works wonders against bison on wakeup.

Hey guys , just wanted to know where I can find some frame data on rose ? or hitboxes and stuff

Thanks pal :]

What on earth can one do against Rose’s ultra 2? Its just free damage :stuck_out_tongue:

Tech the throw, block the Soul Throw crossup, take the chip. Not a big deal.

But it’s still “free damage”…

But it isn’t.

jab her out of it or throw her out of it.

not a big deal.