Soul Tournament Fighter - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1st of august 2009

Hi everyone,

We’re organising a tournament on the first of August in Amsterdam (Netherlands/Holland). The games that will be played are Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV.

Entrance fee is 10 euros per game paid at the door! Aloowed to play both. Will be held at the same time. On the Playstation 3.

Rules per game:

Street Fighter IV:

No character Switching
No banned characters
Match settings
No handicap
Random stages
Time: 99 sec.
Button Mapping/binding allowed. Button Macroing disallowed.
First Round Robin, Best 16 go to Double elimination brackets

Soul Calibur IV:
Character swapping allowed
Algol, Yoda, Guest-characters and CAS characters banned
Match settings:
Time: 60 sec.
Random stages
100% health & Soul Gauge
Button mapping/binding allowed
Macroing disallowed
All infinte damge combo’s disallowed
Starts off with round robin, followed by Double elimination brackets.

Exact Location:

Mirror Centre
Ter Gouwstraat 3
1093 JX Amsterdam

12 o’clock till 8.

1st place gets 75% of the total paid entrance fee (per game)
2nd place gets 10% of the total paid entrance fee (per game)
3rd gets back his/her paid entrance fee (per game)

Bring your own stick or pad!

Registration trough e-mail: registratie[at]
Please write down:
Country City:
Which games:
Main characters:

I know that Amsterdam isn’t the first city you think of when you want to play a tournament. This isn’t some huge event (so don’t buy your plane ticket rightaway, wait for SuperVS battle), but there will be some good players there. So if your in town and think u are good enough to win. Why not get some extra cash for your vacation. We hope to see u there.

Current Participants:


  1. Tips
  2. RcR10
  3. Gavri
  4. BakaNoobSama
  5. Kukiraz
  6. Udoyasha
  7. P1kk3r
  8. Edge
  9. Sofiane-senshu
  10. Aq
  11. AntaeusM
  12. Fenrir
  13. ThaChez
  14. Squ
  15. ArnBoku (Germany)
  16. BBHM
  17. Pzyphon
  18. Kenneth
    ?. Ascit
    ?. Liliari


  1. RcR10
  2. BakaNoobSama
  3. Kami
  4. Taskmaster/Twixmaster
  5. Miza
  6. Zenfire
  7. ChaozTheory
  8. Novastorm
  9. SuriG
  10. Diek Stiekem
  11. Prime
  12. Pr3y
  13. Duttyman
  14. Creazn
  15. P1kk3r
  16. Gavri
  17. Kurdminator
  18. Ferdi
  19. Thomda
  20. Sofiane-senshu
  21. Royta
  22. Kyoko-Manjii
  23. Nemesis
  24. badmuts24
  25. Jimbossa (Germany)
  26. Mas3nko
  27. ChiM-PaN-C
  28. Superdarkwolf
  29. DemoneyesKyo1
  30. Kazuya86
  31. AfraidDante
  32. L_Q Bang (friend)
  33. L_Q Bang (friend)
  34. L_Q Bang (friend)
  35. Melvin
  36. 4Ra
  37. Amature
  38. BBHM
  39. OldSk00I
  40. Pzyphon
  41. Harakiri
  42. Cyrrilbrutekus
  43. Kenneth
  44. Moon-Doggie
  45. Achilles
  46. Kyoraku
  47. Count
    ?. Ascit