SoulCalibur 3 SLow loading?


Just got SoulCalibur 3. It’s my first Soulcalibur game. Is this thing supposed to load so slowly? This is worse than MS-DOS. Take’s like 15 minutes to get one match going. I got this game because I heard it had good physics but I can’t even enjoy them. Is the game supposed to be like this?

PS. QQ if you came here to complain about how much you don’t like Soulcalibur. This is I almost thought I accidentally posted this on Oprah’s forum’s the way some of you nag like 40 year old housewives…or maybe that’s what some of you are. Housewives playing games and QQing because you have too much time on your hands.


no, not at all




I do not recall Soul Calibur 3 having bad load times, but I played it off hard drive so eh.

What I do remember was that it likes to eat your save files if you displease it in the slightest.


f’n ebay!


This is really bad. It freezes at character select, it freezes on matches, it freezes loading anything even the start screen! I brought games used before but wow I never had a dud that wouldn’t play. It’s almost like the game is a bootleg. I was really hoping to enjoy my new T5 stick too.


Bad disc. I have soul calibur 3 and it loads really quick. I’d look to get a new disc, or maybe your reader is going bad.


Mods please close this. This is not technically FG discussion, nor is it productive.

On an added note no-one in their right mind is still trying to play Soul Crap 3 anyways.



I really think it’s immature of everyone in this thread to bash the game instead of acting like adults and giving real feed back or help to the poor guy. If you dont like Soul calibur, then just move on. I love SF series alot, but honestly, it’s my least favorite of all fighting games and you dont see me whining about it 24/7 like you **** do every time a soul calibur thread pops up.


Yeah but SC3 is just so garbage to SC2 in general. I know Tech doesn’t suck SF’s dick and neither does Sleazoid.


Jesus Christ close this thread already.


If you have a problem with my thread or the game I purchased why waste your premadonna time posting in it? I just brought this game it’s giving me some serious problems I thought I’d ask the people that would know the most about it best.

I’m also not your babysitter kid and I don’t have time to monitor your internet activity. Why click on a thread your not interested in reading if you have ZERO input to add to it besides your QQing. Yes, I’m pissed this game isn’t working after I just brought it! I suggest you pull your pampers up, zip your lips, and keep on moving to the next thread kiddo if your not here to help.

I heard Nickelodeon is teaming up with PBS to make Sponge Bob Vs. Sesame Street Ulimate Allstars. Go spend your time researching that. P.S. I heard you can even play blues clues as a secret character. I’m sure your excited.

I swear the only thing worse than a bad game are the people who spam other people’s threads QQing about it like a teen girl who’s boyfriend just dumped her before the prom.




lol why u so mad tho?


Somebody just got served.

TR, how are you gonna mash your way outta this one?


jesus fucking christ dude do you even know what that means?

NO the game is not supposed to load that slow, but don’t worry the game is absolute ass anyway your not missing anything, why you even needed to make a thread asking if the game was supposed to crash on the char select screen is beyond me


Are you playing it on a Slim pS2? I have it and it works fine on my Phat, but on my brother’s slim it crashes a lot. It’s a glitchy game, and if it weren’t for the glitches, I think people would still be playing that one instead of SCIV.


I hear Euro and AE are pretty good version of the game.


I play SC3 on a slim and have had 0 problems with it, nor have I seen any problems with it when playing SC3 in tournament. Most likely you have a bad disk, which doesn’t take a post on SRK that would surely get locked to figure that out.

Euro version still has glitches in it. Arcade Edition is very good if you can actually find it.