Soulcalibur II HD Online


Why isn’t there a thread for this yet? Earlier at SDCC, a HD remake of Soulcalibur II was announced. It’s going to be for PS360 (most likely as a downloadable game) and it will be based on the PS2 version, with all the features of the original plus a new online mode. Heihachi has been shown. The chances of Spawn and Link are fairly slim at this point but people have been rallying for a Wii U port so that Link can have a chance. As much as I love Zelda, I won’t be too bothered if Link’s not in because I play Cass anyway.


Soulcalibur II HD Online

Wow I am so hyped about this, I always wanted to see how this game was at high level. I always use to play this casually with my friends and I had a blast.

I am expecting netcode in this game to be the best it’s ever been in a namco fighter but we’ll see.


To celebrate SC2 HD, here’s one of tourney level SC2’s hypest moments- Hayate bodying an entire team of top tiers with the worst character in the game.


this is pretty cool news

since this’ll have a bunch of the single player modes, can anyone remember what moves the AI easily falls for?


Let’s see… Third Strike, Marvel 2, SC2, Guilty Gear, KOF98, VSav…
XBL/PSN is slowly trying to ease the pain of current fighters. Now all we need is CvS2 and we can act like everything in fighters from SF4 and beyond never happened! NOSTALGIA LET’S GO!


And then everyone shifts to the new consoles where you have access to none of the above and you get sad (though you also won’t get access to any of the SF4 or beyond fighters anyway).


Getting rid of 8wr Soul Charge is one of the most idiotic moves Project Soul has made with this series. Only thing dumber was getting rid of it completely.


Let the good times roll! Again!

Can’t wait to get back behind this game.


I hope people don’t get discouraged when they run into their first G-stepper… Then again, I don’t think people get so discouraged when they run into their first match in Tekken where the opponent can BDC really well.


I have a question… Are all the console-exclusive characters going to be available? I could see a lot of Heihachi and Necrid abuse… Doubt they’d get Link though, right? Spawn licensing? hmm…


Its based off the PS2 version.

Yeah, Link and Spawn are pretty much no go. I’m actually wondering if they’ll bother with Necrid, since he too is a product of McFarlane.

Even though the game has Charade, I wouldn’t throw it out of the realm of possibility Inferno may be made playable if Necrid is out.

Part 2 has the JF heard around the world.


Gotcha. Suppose I didn’t catch that. Oops!
I really hope they don’t include Heihachi… That’s all. He was a bit… OP. I’m hoping it was just an “oops, we took the Ps2 trailer and accidentally left him in there”



he says he hopes to announce a new soul calibur title by the end of the year?


Should Heihachi be tournament legal since he is in both versions this time? There’s also online play to learn the match up.


I wouldn’t have a problem with Heihachi being legal. He’s retardedly good (unquestionably the best of any of the bonus characters, including necrid) but so is everyone else.


Soulcalibur 6, people! Get hype!


I will punch a wall if it turns out to be a spin-off or mobile game or something.


If you sell your 360/PS3 for a next gen console and complain about the lack of fighters, you likely lack the foresight to play competently.


Maybe I’m just a spoiled bitch these days, but the graphics in SC2 almost turn me off.

Not enough to not get it, but they’re kinda… ugly. I wish they’d redo the shading.


Is there anywhere where i can learn about SC2?