Soulcalibur in reboot?


Will we ever get a new Soulcalibur soon after Tekken 7?

Hopefully a reboot of the entire story including the characters.


As a FGD sage who took the time to spill the menstrual blood of a Japanese schoolgirl over an Ivy bodypillow during the last solar eclipse, I can tell you that during EVO 2017, Harada will announce a new Soul Calibur game set for an arcade release in late 2018.

It’s going to be amazing when it hits consoles in 2022.


A reboot sounds like the best course of action. Too much story bullshit ruined the roster.


Soul Jaguar


Yes i hope to god it comes back so i can wreak havoc with siegfried once again


You are aware you said this in a thread about Soul Calibur…right?


You mean after TxSF…


I hope they do and the art direction strives to be more surreal as opposed to nonsensically anime. I also hope the gameplay system builds on Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition’s gameplay and abandons …V’s uncanny valley. Otherwise, I am tempted to steal “A Tale of Souls and Swords” line for a future project.


I liked the EXs and supers.


What do you like about them? The fact that available moves are behind a meter wall or that they screw up attack priority that would logically be a simple matter of timing and making contact?


They look cool.


They could always just use a dumb time travel plot to bring back anyone they wanted. Would definitely rather see some week one whining about a stupid story than having to endure 5+ years of whining because Taki and Talim aren’t in.

I just want Hilde. I don’t care about anything else (though a lack of Dampierre and Viola would be appreciated).


Long as its nothing like 5 mechanics wise im down for a reboot


Just jumping in here quickly. I could have this confused with something else but I am sure this happened.

When I was kid playing in the arcade I remember a game with big swords and a dude who when I think back reminds me of Astaroth. The game stages were floating platforms, like a raft in a lake. And I can’t remember what it was called, but I assume it was the original Soul Edge since that machine was there. I can vividly remember a tall peak with a flat top that you fight on. High above the clouds. And at one point there was a stage transition where you can knock your opponent off the peak and fall a decent distance until you landed in a puddle or small pond on a peak lower down.

Anybody know what that is. Did any Soul Calibur/Soul Edge games have transitions.

Also +1 for a reboot.


It could be a lot of games but platforms narrow it down a little.

Cardinal Syn


Soul Edge


Soul Calibur




Toshinden 2


P.S. There is nothing cool about an fmv sequence in the middle of a fast paced duel, weapon sparks and trails already look like fireworks and glow sticks for those with attention deficit disorder at the cost of authenticity.


Oh no he ad hominemed me.


Do whatever they have to do, just don’t cut Setsuka’s style for fucks sake.


pretend like soul calibur 5 story never happened
or bring back some of the original and classic characters

expand the movelist back to what it was in 2-4
like ex moves were alright but the problem is that they cut out so many moves that werent extra fat
meaningful useful moves from several characters

guard impacts shouldnt cost meter or get a better way to execute just impact

but I suspect that namco is teasing


I could see SoulCalibur taking the same road as MK9–not quite a sequel, not quite a reboot, to ensure a greatest-hits cast.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Rage Arts/Drives. A selectable Calibur/Edge thing that affected them would go a long way towards filling the gap left behind by meter.


Very well, if you find that insulting, let me try approaching this issue a different way.

Prior to Soul Calibur V’s EXs there were counterhit and soul charge properties that would allow certain combos to be extended with additional inputs or automatically. Some attacks would even give soul charge enabling rapid transitions. They could be used without being tied to additional resource management (i.e. meter) and as a result they were more frequently used in gameplay than EXs.

Prior to SUPERs there were throws and unblockable attacks (and Critical Edge combos in Soul Edge) that played out a set of animation autonomously, but they did so without changing the field of view and without modifying the game’s responsiveness. They were also vulnerable to counterattacks if they were not timed appropriately and their properties could not be used to gamble with the game’s priority system. In other words, they were consistent with the game’s rules and blended in effortlessly.

What looks cool is subjective. You could dress a person with a bunch of miscellaneous clothing items picked out of a bag of random clothing items and some could find interest in that combination, but to anyone with a preconceived notion of a socially acceptable standard it would likely lead to the person being percieved as a fish out of water if not judgementally impaired (due to genetic defects, trauma, or drug habits). Personally, I would find great satisfaction in an immitation of choreographed martial arts battles as demonstrated in films like Hero. However, it would be secondary to the fluidity and responsiveness of the game. Since the visual flairs added to Soul Calibur V limit and impair the gameplay previously presented, they are better off being reworked to organically fit into the game or becoming omitted altogether.