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Ivy’s move list


I take back what I said. Ivy’s tool set in Soul Calibur VI seems versatile enough to rival even her Soul Calibur II tool set. This game may have 2D garbage thrown in together with reused assets and dumbed down mechanics, but seems to feature a number of refinements regardless.



Voldo is still as freaky as ever, good!


Cool to see they keept part of his best concept ever, the day/night double face alt of SC3

The front design feel too random tough, lack visible main lines

Zasalamel have same problem, original SF3 design was SO superior and more clear


Apparently in the Namco panel today they said: “every character has 2 or 3 costumes to wear”



That’s cool, having 2 with few getting 3rd was an early chapters (SB, SC1, SC2) tradition

Is this official art for an alt?
If is, it’s actually a good design for Voldo, better than default look


It’s a fanart, someone posted it after VOldo was released.


Apparently, multiple characters had wall jump and wall climb moves in SCII:


You mean to tell me that this wasn’t common knowledge?


Unfortunately, a lot of the character specific and situational moves are being removed.

From what I’ve heard that means:

  • No while landing moves
  • no character weight classes (very noticeable on block in SCII)
  • no off the wall moves
  • no advancing/retreating guard

It’s not clear why some of this is being tossed out but it is likely to simplify learning the game.

Regardless, now that we have footage of most of the characters the game is looking great. Some of the teaser trailers have looked poor, but all of the characters seem like they would be fun to play.


Blog post from Namco


good nightmare vs taki match




Awesome art, will have been cool if these were used in-game



it has begun


I hope they don’t nerf Ivy to shit just because of LinkRKC’s mad skills.

This has happened in SC V before where Link won the first major SC V tournament, and immediately devs punished him by taking away some of Ivy’s techs.