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At this point will have preferred Edgemaster as mimic, and i think at some point he may jump in even if seem a bizzarre pick for a DLC pack

Number of people that will pay for crazy waifu > number of people will pay for a mimic freak

Street Fighter V hold back lot of fan favourites for to sell season pass
A legendary char like Sagat had to wait the end of S3 to join the fight


I’ve basically ignored the existence of SC4 and SC5 so I didn’t pick up on it.

Wow, her SC4 model is U G L Y.


For real though, how you gonna make a fake reveal trailer, but still have the watermark of your video editing app because you’re too cheap to pay for it?


I hope there’s an English version of this


Okubo tweeted about 3 hours ago that an English version should be up soon. Dunno if it is up somewhere yet.



Would have bought it if it didn’t have the figure. In fact I’d buy a lot more special editions if they didn’t include figures for which I don’t have the space and don’t really want to make space.


Tira is taking the slot under Cervantes

I guess the 3 slots left go to the 3 missing DLC chars, 2 on left good side (i guess Hwang/Cass) and one on right evil one (i guess Lizardman)


some cool fights there.


That Ivy cosplayer at @7:28:39 though.

So, Okubo appeared at the end to reveal that he can’t reveal any characters today.


You need to tell @Neclord about that cosplayer :wink:

Edit: LOL she tells dude to look her in the eyes :rofl:


She is cute. <3

Okubo was like “Damn, I have some hot characters in my game.”


This is the cosplayer. Seems she’s Italian


Hey guys… so I’ve got a pretty awkward, i guess you’d call it a request. I’m trying to find an old documentary or video that I remember seeing about Soul Calibur (the Original Xbox version).

I’m not sure if the entire video was about the guy, or if it was just a segment from a larger show. It shows what I’ll just refer to as a “Pro” Soul Calibur player, and him hosting some kind of training session for other players or maybe friends. In some interview portion, the guy said that he would ask the players which characters they would have trouble facing off against, and play against them with those characters, I guess to help expose weakness in their play?

I also remember the Pro guy playing with an old Pelican Arcade Stick, and I think he sat on the floor when playing.

Being that this is most of what I remember, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a segment on some show that was on G4/TechTV at some point that I saw.

Sorry if this is being posted in a bad spot, but I can’t really see a much better place to ask. At least not one that get’s much traffic.

Thanks for anyone who happens to know anything about this!



I think Ivy’s is Okubo’s favorite character


Just read this comment on 8wayrun about the whole timeline

I can say with confidence that the notion of this game creating a “new timeline” is indeed fallacious. Every character follows their preestablished backstory, motivations, and actions up until just before the events of SCII. The actual legitimate changes are few and far between and so insignificant that I wouldn’t be surprised if a few were just products of localization errors in past games. The rest are just additions to vague areas of the story where there was room to flesh out events or interactions. Not only does each character’s story fall in-line with the preexisting SCI timeline, some even acknowledge or set-up revelations or developments from SCIII, SCIV, and SCV. Okubo was right to walk back his “reboot” comment. It created a false impression. This game wanted to retell and expand on the existing lore, not restart with a clean slate.

As for our new additions to the roster, they were created to expand on that one tidbit of lore about King Arthur, and Project Soul did a really good job with it. A secret organization working behind the scenes is the perfect fit for a game covering events that have already been established. And the characters themselves are both interesting in their own right and the perfect complement to the Libra of Souls storyline that’s supposed to be taking place in the background of SCI’s history. There was even some clever writing in smoothly implementing them into the existing story threads, like having the letter Raphael read regarding the Evil Seed and Soul Edge be penned by Azwel. If this game were to be blessed with a sequel, I look forward to what they do with the Aval Organization for other games’ plotlines.


Is the DLC for Tira for all pre-orderers included. Or do you only get Tira as part of the Season Pass if I purchased it?
I have the game in the store Pre-ordered, but have no way to download it.


Tira is part of the Season Pass and regular DLC.

Their wording of it is kinda obtuse, but she’s basically just the game’s first DLC character.


so I check Event hubs latest article on Soul Calibur 6 and i have to say that in the article they say that SC6 metacritic score is higher than the previous two , however this is actually incorrect." it is only high then the previous entry which is Soul Calibur 5 right now . it’s current score is equal to Soul Calibur 4’s score which is a 85 on metacritic.

they also never mention Soul Calibur 3 in the article whose metacritic score stands at 86.