Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



Anecdotally, Talim has been one of the most popular character for me.

I’ve seen just one Xianghua and zero Voldos (outside of mantis crawl dong memers). Also, zero Azwel and one Raphael.


For me it’s Kilik and Nightmare all over the place.

Was definitely expecting more Geralts, only fought him twice or so.



Can see why, dude is very mash-friendly. Nightmare’s relatively common as well.



I’m a Talim main and I ran into a few Talims.


A little SoulCalibur 6 beginner tutorial for my boi Astaroth. YOU MAGGOTS!


This will be helpful, thanks!


Looks like they’ve got a new build they’re testing:
By the way, the current PC build we’re playing is from 1st of October.

DS4 button mod for PC

Soulcalibur VI opens at #3 with 24,000 physical retail sales on PS4


Seems like it’s doing okay? It’s not setting the world on fire but with the limited budget they threw at this I expect it to be profitable at least.


every sec match I run into an either siegfried or nightmare player


should help you to learn both matchups :coffee:


Aris has pissed off the casuals. On a stream he talked about how custom characters have ruined the competitive aspects of the game. Steam forums haven’t taken kindly to it.


Steam forums confirmed to be complete crap for fighting games yet again. Even reddit isn’t as bad as steam forums.


Fact is there are issues with CaS on ranked. Aside from cheaters editing their saves to get items past the size limit to create giant cubes or apples, certain combos do or don’t work depending on the size or even just body type of the created character.


It’s hit and miss for me. I really like making alternate outfits for the main roster because we didn’t get anything from Namco except for that second colour but I’m definitely not too fond of little Astaroth angels or Nightmare Pikachus running rampant.

I’d definitely be slightly salty if they blocked any CaS stuff from ranked because that’d mean I had to use that pink or green Mina ad infinitum. On the other hand there’s no way to just ban it partially because you can just as well ‘ruin’ a standard character with ridiculous items.

Also don’t forget Namco wants to sell CaS equipment down the line.


They can simply block pure CaS characters, but still allow customized main roster ones.

Also, the game needs to a casual quickplay option.


Azwell is serious about saving the human race


would there be the mentioned quickplay that solution would be fine but just with rooms and ranked, it would rather displease the majority of people who are “casuals” and dont care about such stuff than to make them in any form happy.

i for myself dont take ranked itself serious after usf4 so my stance on it is more in the…let people have fun area. when you really want to improve, longer sessions with the same person are better anyway and rooms are a good place for that need. they of course need improvement. you could add there a filter option to enable costumes as a host or not and it needs a direct rematch feature in 2 man lobbys. they patched that into tekken7, so you should expect them to implement it direct from the start but…well…lets hope they patch it in too.

@all dont forget to twitter them your ideas for improvements. the more people bring attention to such things the better.


That’s great and all but eventually you will need to play other people to get better. I normally play ranked as I can get play quick games with different players and get exposed to different styles. It better simulates how an arcade experience is like.


Virtual lobbies that ArcSys likes to do best simulates the arcade experience. Ranked play is like an abstract tournament.