Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



Jesus Christ, how awful is this game online? People have been talking trash about SFV’s netcode but this is just miles worse than that. Why do developers do this? SCV was excellent online, this is borderline unplayable. For some reason I’m not reading any complaints but I can’t imagine this being some sort of setup-exclusive problem on my side since every other game runs just fine.


you need to have quick match for people so that they can play their created characters just prohibit customized characters in ranked and then have a quick match mode like tekken does that allows for CAS this is the best solution. the only thing that should be allowed in ranked mode is custom colors on the original main cast.
this has been a thing since SC 4 its just that because of social media instantly you can see the issues. I think its fair while online is no where near consistent its good to have some semblance of competition.


which platform do you play on and in which region do you live?


Thanks for the input guys, I made a part two with a few things I forgot and a few things I learned recently. SHUT-UP!


PS4 and central Europe.



true that, but those match ups still seems really hard for mitsu


God I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing with all those non-Hilde characters. I’ve now climbed to 4000 points or something, meaning I left the button mashing casuals behind and am now playing people who at least sort of can adapt and I’m really not getting anywhere anymore. Mina is fine as long as she’s standing and is at 6A length from the opponent but good luck finding your footing again if you get knocked down or cornered. I’ve dabbled a bit with other long range characters but I’m really not feeling Kilik, Ivy is too unorthodox for me and Sieg/Nightmare can go screw themselves.


Try Sophitia.


hmm, seems the pc version got again the better end of the stick.
in lobbys there are from time to time issues, so its worse then t7 which was good but its not really bad.

just read in a twitter post that xbox owner seem to have some issues too.
hope they fix it for you guys and improve pc at the same time too.


people forget to “parry” a lot against them which makes them feel so strong. you dont need to block the whole bb oder other strings from him. game is a week old, things will get easyer with time for all of us.



2B is coming


Don’t get the hype about that character but then again I never played the Nier games so what do I know.

Still, I continue to be against the idea of putting in guest characters while leaving out proper SC fighters in the process.

Edit: is there frame data somewhere for this game? I’m always getting counterhit after landing 5A-A-A with Mina.


We are of the same mind when it comes to guest characters. I like 2B. I own Nier Automata but can I get all my SC characters before any guests?


I’ve already faced two custom 2Bs so it will hardly make a difference lol.


Whatever makes them SCVII money.


2B has all my money when she releases. Glory to mankind!


SC6 seems to be fairly popular. Will Shoryuken add it to its ranking system? I mean, it still has Skullgirls, KI, etc.