Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



Shitty guest, i hope true SC characters from Season pass will be released as soon as possible


Talim vs. Mi-Na feels so bad I’m almost sure the Talim player could unmap the block button and it would still be in her favour.


What is 2B’s 2B going to be?



Buncha killjoys up in here


Still missing with the Character Creator…clipping is annoying as hell…


I really like her moves, I want to try her.

That probably wouldn’t be the best financial choice for Namco.


I have no idea about the actual numbers, but in general you should treat everything Mina does as negative on hit. 66A and knockdowns are the exceptions.

When I said that Mina was bad up close, this is what I was talking about :confused:


A tale of pandering and cheap knockoffs eternally retold…



geralt vs 2b? this is actually pretty sick


They kind of need to find a balance between pleasing the fans and doing stuff that satisfies shareholders though. Geralt as part of the main roster is already good enough to get people interested who normally wouldn’t play SC or fighting games in general. DLC character are there to keep the game alive for people who actually want to spend time with it (and I’d argue there’s little overlapping going on between this group and casuals who only buy it because of Geralt) so putting in some missing favourites in the Season Pass would have been a better decision in my book.

I can’t speak for everyone but no matter how cool 2B, how fun she is to play or how pretty her stage is, all I can think of is ‘why isn’t it Hilde?’. And other people might think ‘why isn’t it Setsuka/Hwang/Lizardman etc.?’
She doesn’t fill any of the existing voids in the roster.


I wouldn’t be into Soul Calibur if Link weren’t in Soul Calibur II, so if they think 2B will help bring in even more people to give this great series a shot I’m all for it. Probably a good choice to reveal and release 2B early on when people are still eyeing the game (I’ve seen people saying 2B has pushed them to get it so it’s working already), and then release the rest of the veterans as time goes on for everyone else.

At least, that’s assuming 2B is the last of the guests for a while.


The game shipped with over 20 SC characters. From the comments I am reading from social media and youtube, a lot of people are now going to get the game because of 2B. So, in that respect, Namco is doing a good job getting more people to buy the game now that is still at full retail price. I think you are overstimating Geralt’s popularity compared to 2B’s. People were begging Namco for 2B since very early. I don’t think there were many asking for Geralt.
The other SC characters will come later, just like with SFV.


Soul Calibur got big thanks to guest characters. Makes sense to continue that strategy.


I don’t know how you think 2B inclusion is a move to satisfied shareholders when there’s fan demand for 2B to be in the game. I ran into plenty of CaS of her since I started playing. I know I didn’t think about buying the season pass until now.


Guest characters >>>> Clones, headswaps, mimics, salads, etc

Especially with custom character mode, unique new movesets relative to the already existing cast in SC VI is what we need.

There’s no need for Namco to waste their time listening to the requests of Rock, Lizardman, Amy and the like when people can already create the characters from the fighting styles of Astaroth, Sophitia, Raphael, etc and call it a day.


Guest characters have turned Soul Calibur into shit. Every stupid one off has destroyed the series’ integrity, its retention of players between titles, and kept it from achieving greatness by wasting resources pandering to idiot fanboys.



Lizardman wasn’t a clone though :frowning:

Guest characters have been apart of the series fabric since Soul Calibur when they added Yoshimatsu to the roster. It’s honestly ridiculous to bitch about at this far into the series.


P.S. Yoshimitsu was an original Namco fighting game character that was out of place in his original series and actually fit in and continued to be part of Soul Calibur across its various entries instead of being the metaphorical equivalent of a drunken one night stand.