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Does anyone on this planet know how to play against Voldo? I played against him for the first time today and got perfected all three rounds.

I also think Rank E5 is my limit because I haven’t won a single match since I’ve gotten there. Wonder if the game matches me up with total beginners if I switch characters because rank seems character-bound for some weird reason?


You mean kids who needed their parents buy it or work at your local fast food joint to afford? Console money isn’t easy to come by at that age and most kids I knew only had a single console in that generation. FYI, it was the Gamecube that cost $99 in that generation. PS2 didn’t drop to that price in a long while. It sure as hell didn’t happen at the time of Soul Calibur 3 release.

Having tie-in comics doesn’t make the MK cast comic characters. By this logic the Soul Calibur characters are manga characters since the series had one in 99.


Since when have individuals become incapable of investing in older lower priced products or used products for things they greatly desire? If there is a will, there is a way and this was obviously not the case.

Those were not the only ones as Mortal Kombat has consistently been committed to staying relevant in almost every available mainstream medium. While the IP originates in another medium it has demonstrated the capacity to be fully transferable and highly adaptable to comic books, which Injustice 2 is all about. I could be wrong, but Soul Calibur has not been kept relevant in the comic book medium as far as I am aware.


If those individuals are satisfied with what they have then they won’t have a reason to pursuit other products. I didn’t buy a Gamecube and Xbox because I was content with my PS2. Likewise, my Xbox friends stuck with because of Halo 2, and Mechwarrior while Gamecube had games like Melee and other Nintendo games.

For someone who made the criticism over guest characters not fitting Soul Calibur’s setting you are looking hypocritical here. Disregarding mediums, none of the MK characters who guest appeared in Injustice doesn’t fits with the DC universe. The moral standards of MK doesn’t Aline with DC at all and all the MK’s heroic characters would be supervillains by DC standards. MK universe has it’s own multiverse that doesn’t align at all with DC’s.




You are just confirming that Soul Calibur III was not on their wish list. I own all 3 consoles from that generation (with gamecube inside Wii) and I did not acquire them until many years after they released even long after they stopped producing them in the case of the Xbox. I was not stuck with anything, it just took me a longer time to acquire some things.

There is no contradiction. I know nothing of comic book brands, only a few characters featured in the game are familiar to me, so the difference between brands has no impact on my judgement. Mortal Kombat characters exist in the same medium with a similar fictionalized modern world, so I don’t understand why they are incompatible in your view. However, I do believe that featuring one off characters for promotional purposes is a bad practice as stated before.


Too many logical fallacies already.

Some things never change I suppose.


Is there a legit tier list around yet? At least to know which are the bottom tiers to avoid like the plague.


It’s like day 9 dude geez


At least I bring arguments instead of wiseass remarks.


What arguments

You spouted nonsense, were refuted by multiple people, then kept changing the argument and now you’re saying that people who didn’t buy multiple consoles years down the line to play Soul Calibur III (when IV was probably already releasing) is proof of…something

Just stop already


Every single tangeant was brought about by other posters and every single one was cut down. My original statement still stands:


I think opinions so far are pretty unanimous about the stronger characters but the weaker ones are a different matter.

I mean some people say Raphael sucks but I’ve lost to every single one I’ve fought so far.

I’d rather say avoid Nightmare because with all the complaints about him I kind of expect them to nerf him to the ground with the first balance patch.


If you say so


I’m starting to get annoyed at the abundance of Nightmare everywhere (online, streams, tournaments) so one can only hope he get’s toned down a little on the one camp where he’s supposed to be weak (up close). That said, how does Namco behaves regarding to balance patches? Hope it’s not like Capcom otherwise Nightmare’s getting buffed and the worse characters nerfed.


Yes, going no true scotsman-arguments against people who didn’t want to buy a console for that particular game, when the next console generation started literally a week after that game was released for PS2, truly cut down the point that Link’s inclusion in SC2 got the series enough attention to make it a household name franchise.


As a ninja, Taki puts her mission above everything else. She will end evil through her own ways. She seems to show concern to some people who are connected with Soul Edge and warns them the dangers of the evil blade. She can be emotionless and serious, as a ninja should be. She easily sees through deceptions and will use the best attack to defeat her opponent. Taki truly cares for her apprentice,

Natsu, having chosen to take an active part in raising her due to her own perceived failure in stopping Arahabaki in time. However, she has mentally prepared herself to ‘do what’s necessary’ if the seal containing the demon within Natsu were ever broken.


Another loose end to tie up… very well.

Did everyone that bought the PS3 buy it at release for $500+? No, in fact everyone I know bought the Slim model after it released near the tail end of 2009. Did everyone buy the Xbox 360 at release for $400+? No, given the issues with the red ring of death many people waited until Microsoft cut the price to $300 in the middle of 2009 or subsequently released the slim unit circa 2010. Relatively speaking if individuals could afford to spend that much money on these videogame systems at their release, they would have been able to pay for the PS2 with the third instalment without blinking an eye at III’s release and this was before either of the two consoles developed a decent library.

Also, no offense but I knew Soul Edge and Calibur intimately before I knew Legend of Zelda and after trying the gamecube version I was stunned by the positive reception of Link in II. He was the worst sword and shield user out of the four in that game and still beloved for no other reason than he was from something mainstream. Additionally, given the general lack of fighting games on the Cube and awkward controller layout for most fighting games, if individuals were looking for a fighter on the Cube they would have a hard time passing up Soul Calibur II even without Link.


All you did was untie the knot completely

As mentioned not everyone was going to buy a PS2, the next console cycle starting was just more reason not to, saving their money up for the next generation and seeing if those libraries had stuff they wanted (and maybe a different installment of Soul Calibur on the newer hardware). Your second paragragh is irrelevant; a lot of people didn’t know about Soul Calibur, and Link helped garner it attention like Naeras already mentioned

You’re not very good at this


You are just reinforcing the point that sales of Soul Calibur II were inflated by featuring a mainstream throw away and people chose to pass on the next instalment featuring the merits of Soul Calibur instead of a foreign entity. Do you even get that you are arguing my point? Everything in my last post is context that further shows that investment in the third instalment was relatively cheap and people passed on it regardless.