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All it shows is that SCIII was released at a bad time

But whatever, keep believing what you want I guess


SCIII was a bad game. I wouldn’t have brought a console for it.


I do not think that the time of release has a large impact on the general interest surrounding a product, but close substitutes can definitely interfere with one another. I cannot think of a close substitute for what Soul Calibur III offered as a product that released at the time, but feel free to correct me.

P.S. Soul Calibur III was a bad game if you were not interested in the Soul series as it expanded on everything in previous entries and fixed several inherent imbalances. The real tragedy was that the polished version never made it to a console system.


Console launches tend to overshadow everything. I can see people not giving a shit about SCIII when the 360 was a month away.



Not even a month. Less than a week.


who are you using vs Voldo?
btw, was the name of the Voldeo player happen to be H8erfisternator?


I’m currently using Mina exclusively but I might switch soon.

I don’t remember his name but I don’t think it was H8terfisternator. I don’t even know if he was good or not because I have zero Voldo experience. He just kept dodging my verticals and going under my horizontals with the crab walk stuff.


uh…why not use any low hitting sweeping horizontals and be aware of any of his leaping attacks. search your move set. i wish i could tell you which particular moves but i havent used Mina in years.
im a ralphie boy main myself.
try doing down back A against Voldo when he has his back to you.


Her sweeps have five thousand frames of startup.

I mean I was doing something wrong obviously because it’s definitely not a 10-0 matchup but it’s the first time I’ve played him in SCVI and probably the fifth time I played him in total in any SC game so my matchup knowledge is sort of limited to recognising his idle stance and nothing more.


Try some grabs as she genuinely has nothing else in that range except a while rising kick. Maybe 4+K,B if its still decent.


I did Gatsu (Guts in your version), click for full size


Nice, one of the better customs. The sword is a natural fit, of course.


of course she does. characters with reach to their weapons have more start up for balance sake.
hmm. the only advice i can give is this. at least is how i played the game.
SC is weapon based.
weapons have martial arts. which have strategies to how the weapons are used.
for example. ralph is a fencer, therefore he wants to keep the opponent at the tip of his sword.
ralphs strengths are his verticals not horizontals. his B pokes i mean. his forward lunging thrusts.
think…fencing. not just hitting any old thing.
you dont see real fencers in fencing doing samurai kendo swings do you? no. so you should play Ralphie like a fencer.
keeping opponents at a certain distance…fencer distance. doing thrusts when you see an opening and doing alot of back steps and forward thrusts.
so bo staff users like Mi and Kilik should be doing alot of constant twirling and using the staff at certain distances to throw your opponent off in regards to telegraphing movement. its why they gave kilik and mina moves where the moves have slow start up but active hitboxes that go on forever.
its really hard to put into words what im trying to get across to you.
about how different weapns have different strategies of how to use em.
um. take maxi. he has no reach. because nunchuckas. but he has great footspeed and he is hard to read due to his constant twirling of the chucks.
his footspeeds, leaping attacks and tricky hard to read constant twirling nunchaka bullshit is what helps him get in on long distance weapon users.
imagine if he had shitty walkspeed, no leap attacks, and he didnt have great strings to his combos that let him twirl while walking and be hard to read?
exactly. he wouldnt be viable at all.

so. think bo staff user.
bo staff can attack you from either end. you should be always twirling your staff, being mindful what exactly can link from your previous attack.
from what i remember about playing as kilik i remember it took a real real long time to search and fuck around with his moveset to figure out what attacks would naturally would flow from one move into the other. but when things finally came together i noticed that he and mina almost felt as fluid regarding strings as maxi.
you shouldnt be hitting buttons …just to hit your opponent. you should be hitting buttons at a certain safe distance to take advantage of how active her hitboxes frames are on alot of her moves and to be hard to read like maxi.
if any of what i said makes sense.
soul calibur, i like alot more than tekken cuz i feel they really took into account how each different weapon bred its own strategy of how to use it, creating its own individual martial art.
like i said, ralph is a fencer, so play him with the philosophy of a fencer, mitsurugi is samurai so his philosophy of approaching fights is the philosophy of a kendo practitioner.
hard to explain in words.
study the different martial arts on youtube.
study kendo, fencing, bo staff, and all the other weapon martial arts to get an idea of how to approach fights with your character and WHY they do…the things they do. not so much how, but WHY.
why a fencer does his mannerisms while a wushu wudang martial artist does something completely different. the weapon dictates the mannerisms of movement. understand?

heres a good example of what im trying to explain poorly in words.

you see how the chinese guy using a chinese spear uses his spear in a different way from the japanese guy using a japanese spear? why? its cause his spear has a red tassle that is there to do 2 things, one entangle the other spear, and to blind the opponent. which is why chinese guy keeps doing circular motions with his spear to the other guy’s face. the weapon dictactes how its used.
so use your mina like a bo staff/spear user.kilik and mina both have great ability of twirling while moving, and have fantastic strings where moves flow fluidly one into the next, like how theyre designed by the devs bro.
dont be just hitting a button to attack when the opponent is in reach. not with the bo staff/spear users. think more like a Maxi. for your character. always moving always twirling, and look at your moveset and think to yourself intellectually what move would perfectly follow what. tilik and mina are HARD to use. because its hard to figure out how to make them beautifully fluid flowing in their movements. you gotta jig saw puzzle their moves together, and that takes alotta practice and time.


and im not saying im a master at SC and youre a scrub. cause we arent that. im sayin this cause it sounds like you arent taking into consideration the martial art of your chosen character, and why each weapon has a mannerism to how it should be used. dont think how, but WHY. why bo staff/spear users move the way they do. as opposed to another weapon user.
dont think how to do something with your weapon, but more importantly why.


How does crabwalk work? Can he still move laterally in that stance?


You’re asking the guy who got perfected three times in a row.

I think he can flip sideways while staying in crab walk but honestly I have no idea how that friggin’ character works.

Also @PussyStuffer that must have been the longest and weirdest kind of tips and feedback I’ve ever gotten for a fighting game. I did notice that I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable yesterday so maybe it’s finally starting to click.
But I also practiced Kendo in my youth so maybe I should just switch to Mitsurugi instead.


lmao. yea. sorry. its just hard to express certain things like essence into words.
maybe you should. he prob fits you as well as a glove with your background.

and if i remember correctly crabwalk is just forward/backward not 8 way directional. as to him flipping sideways didnt even remember that.


Well I beat a Voldo today. He still perfected me two rounds but I somehow managed to win the match.

Think I’m done with this though. Really not feeling it. Wake me up when Hilde’s out.


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