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I’m not entirely sure why you purchased this.


lol, if that’s really a thing then I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others. I’ll have to test this out when I get home.


Which is the preferred button layout for this on a stick?
I was doing
and after that changed to
but I’m not fully satisfied with either.


is probably whats universally accepted as a standard



Is the old school arcade style and what legacy players will likely use. If you want to use the square style go for it. Soul Calibur is not as optimized for stick as it used to be.

I still haven’t found a character that I’m sticking with as a main. Played some Astaroth but I felt like I was only winning due to lack of matchup knowledge.
I’ve mostly played Mitsu after that because he seems to really reward smart decisions but sometimes I have a really hard time pressing advantage. Like if I get a knockdown I feel like I’m letting the other player off easy too often. I have his lethal hit 3B and 22A combos down but I’m missing key parts of his gameplan.

Might try out some Mi-na, she looks really fun and I’d like to have more ranged tools.


Just pick Sophitia and steal wins with level 3 X-Fac… Soul Charge.


Having no experience with 3D fighters, I was not expecting Soulcalibur VI to be one of the most fun fighting games I’ve played since Xrd came out. Really rewards fundamentals, and has a very satisfying learning curve, I’m loving every second of playing. It’s got that cheap is the norm old school design philosophy and that’s just the best. Every character is a beast~

Only gripe so far is Soul Charge being invincible so you can’t even punish it if they just use it from a distance.

For my fellow annoying Talim players, ZeroEffect discovered a bug for her which is mildly useful. This video I made shows the proper timing and use of it. It’s essentially a mid-combo kara-cancel that allows a counterhit combo which is not normally possible. More specifics are in the description and subsequent 8wayrun posts on it.


i wouldnt count that as stealing a win. he did so many mistakes, he deserved to lose.


Maybe, but Mi-na with her back against the wall while getting pressured by Sophitia is a horrible situation to be in, particularly without meter. She probably should have tried for a sidestep or a good GI instead of that desperate RE but defending in that scenario is really hard and she can’t reliably contest with a button either (3BK has no range and B6 only hits high).


which was the first mitake to position himself that way. he panicked instead to just block and wait for good gi situation or actually punish the whiffed second hit after the soulcharge. all the big hits he got hit where mid/high so there was not even a mixup he had to be afraid of. he got too desperate for that pixel of life and payed for it, its not that you cant get out of these situations with mina, every char can.


I think we all agree he made mistakes, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost any health. But in the heat of the moment it can be tough to deal with.


No problem if someone converts a Soul Charge into a comeback win.

However, moves that can ring out the opponent from being the one with the back against the edge of the stage frustrate me to no end (Sophitia’s uppercut, Siegfried moves than impales and lift the opponent to the other side…), almost tempted into pulling a Sanford. Instant kill for no meter right there after the whole match of losing the positioning game. Wouldn’t be as mad except a lot of pushing forward moves that would Ring Out got nerfed while those were allowed a free pass.


flapjack, best move ingame /o/

Anyway the sophitia didnt “steal” the win, dude kept pressing buttons and tried a raw ass Reversal Edge. That’s like complaining “sophitia didnt stand still so i could land the final blow”.


Aside from not stepping out of the whiff (can’t whiff punish because it would frame trap) , they really didn’t have much options aside from GI. Blocking Sophitia in Soul Charge means getting guard broken and knocked down since majority of the stuff she gains are break attacks. The Bs I did after the guard break kept them from falling, preventing attempts to roll out.


the 3rd B can be interrupted with a simple 2A on block/neutral or 3K, not sure if it would have killed you due to the scaling on low health. and yeah, i had to check that out in tm first.

ed- reversal edge would have gotten him out of the situation too when he wouldnt have held it.
releasing it after the first two B hits leads to both wiffing each other while you are still in a animation (when you mashed the whole thing). not saying the situation wasnt hard for him but apparently he did many mistakes, most likely due to not enough matchup/char knowledge.

at least we will not get hit by it anymore that hard :stuck_out_tongue:
ed2- 4B+ K will counter that string toodue to its gap.


So Lord SRK Forum, is there a discernible difference between the properties of special mids and special lows seeing as they can both be blocked standing or crouching?


You can jump over special lows.


There was only one point where they could Soul Charge. After that, the next sequence was a natural combo.

Aside from GI, the accepted way to get out of Soul Charge Sophie pressure is to step or roll out of the verticals, in fact that same opponent did just that in the previous set. However the wall (and the wall hits) make this hard to do.


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Welp, I’ve never had an online match. I’m one of the Infected. Er, Malfested as it were.