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that was a typo, i meant reversal edge. he actually had the right idea to use it there he just did the mistake to hold it after the first two B´s from you instead to release it. i listed several options he had to get out and you used that BBB string two times. its not a real combo, you have a delay/opening after the second to third b.


Only used it once, against that reversal edge. Before that, it was BB, then 4AB,B.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Azwel’s move set is perfect for her.


Man, I hope they really add the option to turn off being able to see peoples custom characters in ranked. Im tired of seeing waifu titties with a nightmare moveset who is the size of talim.


But that would mean we’d miss out on JeonDDing’s Lucky Chloe.


interesting, so in soulcharge she can just use the second part which leads you to being able to delay the whole thing. animation wise its the same. safest option to counter it direct seems to be 4B+K and 1A due to its fast startup but timing is hard to get when you mix both options up so 4B+K seems to be the goto move in such situations when you dont want/can sidestep.


She can 4AB anytime, but gains the B breaker follow up in Soul Charge. It’s a pretty important string IMO, since it can hit people OTG who don’t roll, and those who try to block on wake up get hit by the breaker.


Lil showcase of CAS warriors that’s been my consistent regulars since SC4.

Kiana: Made in SC4 as a sort of concept doodle of ‘hot brown chick who uses my main’s style’. Had better looks in SC5 but hopefully we’ll get more pieces so I can go all barbie doll on her. She’s like my Chun Li, I often give her the most outfits. I gave her a sister, too…

Milani uses Kilik’s style, meaning she skipped out on SC5 cause she was NOT doing that goofy shit. When I gave Kiana a little sister I formed a backstory in my head that became basis for several characters created in SC4 and SC5. Milani doesn’t go for the waifu factor so her attire tends to be more utilitarian. Of course the sisters have a villain…

Kara the Bladewitch. She also skipped out on SC5 since she used Mitsu’s style and Relic stance was a big part of her visual gimmick but was gone in that game. With Relic back I rebooted her look to be less sexpot and more ghastly. Wish I could show comparisons.


Looks like an eastern Korra, might steal some ideas from there.


Fresh off the line here’s N’Bala. I wanted a character using Taki’s style and in SC5 I made a literal ‘Ninja Girl’ tween superhero person. This time the concept is ‘Voodoo Ninja’.

And now character edits for some of my mains; Xian, Mina, Taki, Maxi.


So there’s stuff I don’t like about this game and the roster kind of put the breaks on my motivational curve but I played it again a bit over the weekend and there’s one thing I really enjoy and that’s how free form it feels. The only fighting game I played these last months/years was SFV and that was the complete opposite. You’re always just looking for situations where you can get an autopilot meaty or stuff like that and you absolutely need to know your frames because often it’s visually impossible to make the distinction between what’s safe, unsafe, plus or negative.

With SC you can just do whatever your heart tells you to. I’m now at 8000 Points which is not too much but also above casual scrub level and yet I have no idea about frame data. Like, at all. I’m just trying to stay at a good range, mix up a bit between mids and lows after landing a knockdown and doing whatever feels right in the moment in between. I’m not going to win a tournament like this obviously but I’ll be able to play it casually without having to look up setups and stuff on the web.

I never realized this before because SFIV arguably was a bit like this as well but after the very rigid approach to pressure and defense in SFV it’s particularly noticeable when playing SCVI.


Maybe we should make a Soul Calibur CAC thread


and give it a own subcategory… :coffee:


I dunno if there’s enough of us for the that.


awesome work with those characters @ kalyx


Thanks. Even since SC3 I role played the hell out of CAS mode. I never did that goofy troll stuff.


I’m struggling against Ivy and Mina as Talim. Sucks enough that her reach is shit but she has no good moves to close the gap neither.


After playing Talim, I developed the symptom of whining about everything good the other characters have, which is a telltale sign of being playing a bottom tier for too long. I’ve switched to Groh since then, started enjoying Soul Charge into unga bunga and the illness receded.


SoulCalibur’s base mechanics, particularly of this game, renders the usual utility of tier lists… I won’t say ‘moot’, but I must urge you to creatively approach characters that appear weak or strong.

It was SC4 and talk of how “weak” Taki was that motivated me to work her into a monster online. The experience was the genesis of my contention with the slavish devotion to tier lists in the FGC.

The game can’t play for you. Characters can’t play for you.


A tier list matters for the highest level of play, as it gives an indication of how consistent that character is expected to win when used by top level players. Whether it’s applicable to levels below top varies greatly from game to game.

It’s also not constant. New stuff gets discovered even for old games. I’ve seen games from the 90s have significant tier list changes in later years.