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I don’t think I’ve ever beaten a Talim as Mina so it’s definitely a player thing and the truth is somewhere in between.
I know that I always struggle when I have to keep people out with horizontals because Mina’s horizontal reach outside of 6A isn’t that great, so maybe just use the 3D space to your advantage.


Meanwhile, every where else on FGC social media is saying Talim is strong.


Unless I stay on a Mina like a siamese twin I usually get wrecked. I struggle at mid-range and outright die at long range. When the latter happens getting back in is a major pain. Since my girl doesn’t have anything good to close the gap I need to be patient and GI when I can. It can be a tall order since Mina can mix well up from long.


2B’s Battle Director Comments

"2B who compete from “NieR: Automata” is an all-rounder that can handle all kinds of warfare, using small sword, large sword, spear, fight fight weapon as well as the original. Her features are that she can cooperate with the attendant support unit “Pod 042” as well as many brilliant original actions, as well as long-range attacks and wavy attacks. It can also be said that you can target a quick rush or aerial combo via special movements such as jumps and dashes after the attack, it is also a strength.

It is particularly recommended for those who are not good at fighting games, as various skills can be rolled out with simple commands such as repeated hitting and long pressing of buttons. Because it carries many new elements which are not found in other characters, please also enjoy the players accustomed to “SCVI” with a fresh feeling!"

2B High Quality Screenshots



SFV Lounge: Daigo announcing SF retirement for full time SCVI career

Scrub friendly Azwel? I like.


Stage Showcase - 15:37
Customization with 2B - 23:45
2B Battle Showcase - 41:1234:
Reversal Edge - 47:31
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Second Critical Edge -
50:00 Okubo vs Yoko Taro - 57:05


I’m curious, which characters could be referring to with “having more range than expected”?

The only character that sometimes bothers me how far he can reach is Geralt. Siegfried is stupid good but he’s supposed to have range and to hit like a truck, if anything, he may be a little too fast considering the mixups he has but that’s a matter of frame rather than hitboxes. Ivy can feel very good but she’s fun both to play and play against, leave her alone.


Azwel’s range constantly surprises me. Legit feels like there’s a whole hit box past where his weapon visual end.


Yeah, they probably thought a guy who summons weapons before attacking and therefore doesn’t have any visually identifiable weapons on him during idle stance needed a bit more ambiguity to his attack animations.



@Naeras Finished Seong Mi-na’s frame data, let me know if I missed anything (aside from damage which can be seen in training mode anyway)

Starting on Zasalamel’s next


Mina’s frame data is different on tip range compared to shallow range. 1B is -8 rather than -20 on block from far out, and knocks down on hit, for example.


Seems specific to certain moves moves then 'cause I tried testing that on some moves I thought would have that but I didn’t count any differences

Guess I’ll check through her whole moveset again



1B definitely has this property. I think 6A also has better frames at tip range, and 3B gives a very high launch on tip hit (you have to go for 66B 1B rather than JF 3bK 66B+K as the combo) so it might be different on block too.


2B’s move set looks hella fun
do we know when she is gonna be released?


After Zasalamel you plan to cover Azwel any time soon?

That’d be cool.


If you want, sure. Not doing them in any particular order anyway~




@Naeras I quickly went through and checked what moves appear to have differences at close/far range for Seong Mi-na and updated with what I found. It seems she only gets hit/block advantage differences on 6A/Lingering Step 5A, 3A, 1B and all its variants, and 4~B (the long range lethal hit one). Any other attack that has either a different hit state or just better damage at long range doesn’t appear to change the hit/block advantage at all. IE her 22/88A has higher damage and a different hit state at long range compared to short range, but it’s still -4 on hit/-16 on block regardless.

Additionally, the above attacks that have Soul Charge versions appear to lose any changes they had between close and far range.