Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



I remember a while ago in this thread someone said that Raphael was bad. I need to know how because I feel I can’t press a button against him.


Mina winning a tournament, against Ivy :open_mouth:


the ranking system seems a bit…generously,
i just recently started out so i have not much points but it seems that the chance for you to actually derank are next to nothing.

@Frosty how is it on the higher ranks?




The best-selling games of October 2018 in the U.S.

  1. Soul Calibur VI


  1. Soul Calibur VI


  1. Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI

Bandai Namco has gone back to its Soul Calibur fighting franchise, and the game had a respectable debut.

“Soul Calibur VI debuts as the sixth best-selling game of October,” said Piscatella. “Soul Calibur VI achieved the third highest launch month dollar sales for the franchise in tracked history, trailing only Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur II.”


Wait, but I thought guest characters turned SC to shit and causes problems with player retention :thinking:


Shit online is the issue with SCVI. I’m not a fan of guest characters but I’ll suffer them if the online works.


So can someone tell me why Sophitia is a MvC3 character in this game?
Outside of the drunken wake up SC6 generally has it seems like my options after I get hit are to die, and to die.
Is this game really designed so poorly?


I assume that video is of you playing?

You know how you won the fourth round against that Sophie by guarding a bunch of her stuff, rather than trying to mash when you’re at a heavy frame disadvantage as you were doing in all the other rounds?
Keep doing that. Guarding, that is. It’s a pretty good option.


As somebody who still hasn’t had a single online match (X1), it’s very frustrating watching other people play any of my four mains. The lack of imagination pulls my hair out.


There’s already someone on PC using a bot called option9


Some promotional event in Japan SC6 starts at 4:21:40


There’s a weird thing that happens on Xbox where it will disconnect during a Critical Edge’s cinematic. It definitely can look like a rage quit but it’s not.

I’ve had it happen a few times in ranked, on otherwise good connections.



2 man lobby direct rematch option and i would be already a happy man.
there are for sure other things to improve but this seems to be a no brainer and not that hard to implement.



All I really want, is button config at the character select screen.


nothing i for myself needed so didnt even thought about it but yeah, especially when the other fighting game from them has that option.


Even Tekken 7, which is on the same engine, and probably contributed a fair bit of code has it. It’s quite surprising that SC6 doesn’t.