Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



It’s sad but novelty seems to have worn off and viewership and players has been on the decline as of last week and to be fair tournaments to watch has been scarce since the beginning. I’m particularly annoyed that there were no announcements or consideration at the Tekken finals. I hope Namco supports this to elevate it to competitive FG instead of seeing it as casual fodder that already gave the sales it had to do.


Kind of funny how everyone blamed SCV’s lack of classic characters and solo modes for its quick downfall and yet here is SCVI which resolved both of those ‘issues’ and it seems to disappear even quicker. People really don’t know what they want.

Well I’m going to try it out after that patch to see if there are some improvements to online play at least.


Nostalgia and weeb-magnet customisation was all this game had. With the unsatisfying gameplay system there is no longevity.

P.S. I want Soul Calibur II or III Arcade Edition evolved not a simplified bastardisation with projectiles, supers, limited movement, and armored attacks or another trash remix version of IV/V.


SC6 gameplay trounces most the fighters out right now. Can give a damn about tournies and stream numbers.


If a student is the smartest in a special needs class does that make him smart relative to the general population?


If he’s smart where it counts, yeah.


Honestly I think the poor online completely halted the games momentum.


For me it definitely did.

I’d say its online modes run as bad as those from decades ago but then again PSO was fine on Dreamcast…


I’m not as into online play most here, but every time I tried to play online it was shit show. It completely killed my motivation for playing the game. So I can only imagine how bad the moral was for online only type players.


Kayane on stream


You are very naive if you think somebody in a special needs class has an aptitude for anything other than having savant syndrome novelty if they are lucky.


Somebody isn’t well read about certain subjects, so let’s leave it at that. I won’t choke the thread.


By all means enlighten me.


I have nothing to gain doing so. You just needed to know your dismissal of what I mentioned was ill informed. I don’t mind not explaining why, this is a FG forum.


If you have nothing of value to say why preach or elude to a greater truth?


I’ve been seeing an odd influx of Yoshimitsu’s and Azwel’s. Did something happen?


I play on PS4 and so far my online experience in terms of matchmaking and lag is ok for a japanese fighting game, so I’m going to assume that all this atrocious online experience refers to the PC version.

Anyway, had a chance for an online session and so far I’m still getting matches fast. Better keep playing it before it fades into a ghost town.


I play on PC and online has been ok. Definitely not as good as Tekken 7.


Last time I played I had to search for minutes and my matches were laggy 8 out of 10 times. There are different reports out there about how online works for people but for me it’s just awful. Ironically it was the one thing I was sure they’d get right after SCV which was phenomenal to play online.


Because I can.