Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



You’re one to talk


Got 3rd at a local yesterday. Mina felt exactly as good as a tournament character as I had thought. 22B whiff punishes was literally everything I needed in 80% of my matches. Her retarded soul charge game covered the remaining 20%, I made some pretty disgusting comebacks from just running some fullscreen 50-50s on people.

Got steamrolled pretty badly by a Siegfried player though. I have no idea how his pressure works.


I’ve had great experiences online. Also, if y’all want to add me, I’m Shienne-Lindelle. I play custom versions of Mitsurugi and Kilik.


kage looks dope, but I only have time to lab 2B this week :slight_smile:


This update is pretty much the last shot for Namco to get the affected Xbox users to finally get online matches. I very desperately hope this update does it.


So there’s a high chance Cassandra and Amy will complete the first season:

If they keep it up with the good roster decisions we’re going to have Edge Master, Charade and Elysium in season 2.


Ugh let’s hope it’s fake or is merely reference to an story mode.

As derivatives of already existing characters, those are Season 3 or 4 material and it’s not that they have run out of characters with unique movesets.

I’m not against guest characters at all, but not at the cost of blowing up the season budget on them and leave only leftovers.


Nonsense. Give me my girl Cass. I want a sword 'n board-character with something resembling personality, Sophitia is bland AF.


Xbox loading and connection issue fixed.


2B looks hella dope. About time to wash down that Kage’s bad taste in the mouth.


Wow…does Sonya know? :smirk:


Sooo… How do you unlock her?

I have the Season Pass and she’s just not in the game. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Oh, got it. I had to go to the PS4 store, download her for free since I have the Season Pass, and now she’s in the game. Weird.


A lot of games I notice still have you do that. IIRC, same it was the same with Tekken 7 and DBFZ.

Also, 2B got a command dash and command dash cancels? We in there.


My “Romancer” Maxi edit vs… that jerk who hates Christmas.


You don’t sympathize me!

Anyway, anyone has this pyrrhic victory feeling when your game of the moment has like 9k views but 8.5k views come from Maximillian Dood?


a few day 1 combos with 2B


Some disgusting sicko made this


Ivy nerfs



Anyway, @Evil_Canadian we need some videos with the changes , man.


Dude I am pulled thin as it is right now. I am also heading out of province soon. Can’t cover everything :frowning:


Today’s 2B session was great, I’m liking the character a lot. Has distance stuff with the gun, the lasser and that robot assist (never played Nier, excuse the ignorance) but can’t just press it and get results.

I’m eager to run into a Siegfried to test the long range, hope they hate the matchup.