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Venomous Nightmare


That’s godlike man


Yeah, that’s a pretty sick CAS.



I think I’m just gonna stick with Kilik. I like the range and simplicity. Also, I have my main Final Fantasy XIV character as my Create a Soul. I’ll post pics at some point.


Sorry for the double post but here’s a link to my Twitter where I show off my scrub a dub dub Kilik and my CaS fuckers.


Xianghua got jokes now.


I just booted this up for the first time in weeks, set the criteria to 4+ bars and same region and I got the most laggy match in recorded history.

Great network patch. Back on the shelf this goes.


I been having a lot of fun with 2B. Loving playing a mix up character with insane reach.


I find it baffling that people can play this game online and that there are actually non-laggy replays on youtube.

Is there something I don’t know about PS4 settings or whatever? Because online modes and netcode have been absolute dogshit since release for me.


I’m on PC and I had my share of connection issues. Nothing that would make the game unplayable for me.


Been working fine for since the update (which finally allowed me to play online), except for this weird thing in Casual Rooms where I fail to connect after map selection.

Anyhoo, I was challenged by a bud who kinda contested that I never make male OCs. So as a reversal I took a female main of mine and made a male for the moveset.

Loreo, a fabulous badass. He’s gay.


Guess it’s just one of those individual setup issues that are unsolvable. At this point I’m glad Hilde’s not in, would be frustrating not be able to pay her properly.


are you on a router? using vpn?

Someone translated an official SC stream which happened yesterday: reddit post.

One big takeaway is this:

Selecting ‘All’ in ranked match search settings doesn’t actually mean ‘All’, it means 'other players who have also selected “All” '. So if you are in the US and set your region to ‘All’, you will never match with a US player whose region is set to ‘NA only’. They will clarify this point in 1.1.1 (e.g. change the text, add an explanation, etc.) as well as make adjustments.

This is nonsensical. “All” should actually mean all. The only reason why anyone would want to choose it is to get into matches faster, it makes no sense it leads to a separate matchmaking pool. I suggest people try to reach out to Namco so they can fix this. This would be one of the reasons why matchmaking is slower in SC6 than other games.

STREAM Translation

Team Korea vs Team Japan

Team Korea 1. MonoSound 2. KangMin 3. Hyunmu 4. RiceMeat 5. Pluto 6. Bluff 7. TheKura

Team Japan 1. Toilet 2. Aopai 3. Jashin 4. Hatogin 5. Kamizono 6. Yottoto 7. SHK


Wired connection to a router and no VPN or anything.


In that case your connection is coming through the router regardless.
I suggest you Google or YouTube how to enable Upnp on your particular router. Also, search for PSN port numbers so you can set them up on your router.
And I think Namco uses a port number for their games. It’s been a while since I did it, and I am not at home to check, but you can find it on Google.


Actually there was an interesting exchange between developers during 1.11 patch discussion that might mean they actually plan to implement Abyss transformation via patch:

Middle guy: We’re planning something for Abyss too. Zasalamel is a tactical character, and we would like that when tactics work, good things happen.
Dude left: yeah when I see good players Zasalamel I think it’s stylish
Oosaka: Abyss (they seem to talk about the CE in Japanese not SC…) it will become …
Okubo: hush!
(General laugh)
Okubo: Control you guys there are things not to say.…oUlODIciy3mw6gk90/edit#heading=h.l4wl6g2mlmuq
Still might be nothing, but might be something as well.

Seems SoulCalibur VI was ranked bronze on Steams 100 top sellers in 2018, based on gross revenue. Taking into account the release date and the genre, I’d dare say that’s quite good.


KIT pools and top 8. Great matches in pools. Bibulus showed expertise with Ivy.


On the grind, on the grind. Been a party since the patch fixed connectivity for us affected Xbox owners.

Bring on the January content, I’m ready to create. I love this game. Even learned to like Reversal Edge. I’d still delete it but I like it better.


Made myself. Got a nice readable version of my symbol on there. Used my main as a base, of course.