Soulcalibur VI - Discussion



:sad face: no SCVI sub forums. Gonna have to check 8wayrun

Anyway, I’m playing PC. I’m finding 4 bar connections consistently playable, with 3 having some input delay. 4 bars aren’t completely safe but they are your best bet. I heard some nasty things about the netcode, which kept me away, but maybe that was specifically for PS4/Xbox.

Currently learning Mi-na.


Mina is fun.

This Thursday will be the next update addressing some lingering network issues. Not sure if this will include the creation parts content drop.


Patch notes are out. In Japanese.


English link:


Wild Child Xianghua

Wolf Slayer Talim


Yeah Mina is so fun, I think I got most of her stuff down and can finally hold my own against better players. I miss me some Xianghua, she was my main in 4, but this time around I want to learn other characters.

I think I’ll try Ivy next, she seems like she has a tool for every situation. Those boobs keep getting bigger too <3


They were still biggest in SC4. Just over the top (and under).


Good old Japanese marketing during the SCV days.


so, Mina got many buffs??

Awwww, snap.

“STONE” = DLC4 (Stone=Rock)
“YELL” = DLC5 (Yell=Leader=Hilde)
“STAR” = DLC6 (Star=Seong, Hong Yun-seong)
“SNOW” = DLC7 (Snow=Setsuka)
“REPTILE” = DLC8 (Reptile=AEON)
“YELLOW” = DLC9 (Yellow=Hwang)

Maxi’s new seven stars indicator