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:sad face: no SCVI sub forums. Gonna have to check 8wayrun

Anyway, I’m playing PC. I’m finding 4 bar connections consistently playable, with 3 having some input delay. 4 bars aren’t completely safe but they are your best bet. I heard some nasty things about the netcode, which kept me away, but maybe that was specifically for PS4/Xbox.

Currently learning Mi-na.

Mina is fun.

This Thursday will be the next update addressing some lingering network issues. Not sure if this will include the creation parts content drop.

Patch notes are out. In Japanese.

English link:


Wild Child Xianghua

Wolf Slayer Talim


Yeah Mina is so fun, I think I got most of her stuff down and can finally hold my own against better players. I miss me some Xianghua, she was my main in 4, but this time around I want to learn other characters.

I think I’ll try Ivy next, she seems like she has a tool for every situation. Those boobs keep getting bigger too <3

They were still biggest in SC4. Just over the top (and under).

Good old Japanese marketing during the SCV days.

so, Mina got many buffs??

Awwww, snap.

“STONE” = DLC4 (Stone=Rock)
“YELL” = DLC5 (Yell=Leader=Hilde)
“STAR” = DLC6 (Star=Seong, Hong Yun-seong)
“SNOW” = DLC7 (Snow=Setsuka)
“REPTILE” = DLC8 (Reptile=AEON)
“YELLOW” = DLC9 (Yellow=Hwang)

Maxi’s new seven stars indicator

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Got in a few more games today. Mi-na is so, so good. Decent damage, long pokes, 50/50s, etc. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t chain her damn just-frame attacks for the life of me. Offline I can do them consistently, but online I always mess up. Online there’s a lot of Ivy, Nightmare, 2B, and I’m starting to see a lot of Tira. I think Mi-na has good match ups against all the Ivy’s and Tira’s, but these Nightmare goddamn man. They’re aggressive.

Not a fan of the Reversal Edge mechanic. Just seems too random to me, but I guess the idea behind it is interesting.

I can’t even pull off the 66B juggle after 88/22B online. Random lag the moment you want to input the directions and it all goes to hell. I’m a very optimistic person so I’ll keep re-trying this game after every patch but so far no luck.

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My bud pulls it off about every time.

And real talk, you had it in for this game since pre-release. None of your announced attempts to play it seemed genuine, and there seems to a lag issue on your end that you’re dealing with more than you should.

I’m not being SC6 defense force or anything It’s just I don’t get why you’d subject yourself to a game that just isn’t doing it for you.


I still think I’d be able to enjoy it to a degree if I could actually play five games in a row without lag. You’re right in that I’m not the biggest fan, mostly due to the roster and DLC decisions they made, but I could look past that if online modes worked properly. In comparison, SCV also only had one character I liked but as its netcode was flawless I was at least able to spend hours playing with that character.

You in Australia or the Middle East?

Central Europe.

anti Talim guide

Press A a lot.

My own videos getting posted? What a bizarre world this has turned into.

Still need to get bored again and make another video explaining how to deal with her stances when you have to hold the advantage.

Likewise, I sort of want to make a punish guide for stance transitions on a per character bases, which would be a lot shorter videos with less of my meandering vocals.

Way too many people and pros alike let Talims get away with too much shit. She falls apart hard if you know the matchup.

Sadly, a lot of the best Talims are relying on matchup inexperience to get by. Take that away and they crumble real quick. So I do kind of want to force that along as a Talim main.

Somehow I knew you were gonna use Talim X3

She is a lot like 3S Ibuki. However, while Ibuki had a solid fundamental game to fall back on, Talim has no such fallback option, so I feel she’ll fall apart the longer the game goes on.

She’s still a good character, but if/when everyone knows the matchup I would find it unlikely that you could win a tournament with her without playing out of your mind. Exact reasons for that will come about if I ever decide to ramble about the character more.

Realistically, I should be using Sophie. But I kind of have a thing for using characters who are meant to be played one way and playing them another. My Ibuki was very fundamental, but it was nice being able to turn on the gimmicks every now and again, once I got the opponent frazzled.

My Talim life has been a bit less solid because she just lacks the neutral tools. I prefer 90/10 on my fundamental to gimmick distribution, but I’m like 50/50 with Talim. A lot of stolen victories in there.

I want people to learn how to deal with Talim so I can play a better game. Guess that sort of makes me a Talim main double agent.

Or just a wee bit pompous.