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I love Ramon’s Sophie and his commentary. Pop off makes the moment.

I’m okay with that if it means info spreads more and Talims can get better as a whole and stop relying on unsafe stance switches.



Ughh Sophie is a pain, always whooping my ass. I can’t beat this bitch.

I think there’s a lot of match ups I just don’t understand yet, so I get bodied by most of the rushdown characters doing their crazy ass high and lows. Having not played since IV probably has a lot to do with it, plus transitioning from Xianghua to Mi-na has been a bit weird for me.



Sophie is supposedly one of Minas worst matchups. Really mobile, great block punishment, good pressure and strong aGI-stuff isn’t a good combination for Mina to face.



Also angel step for closing the distance.

*guess that’s part of the ‘really mobile’ point, never mind.



I hear a lot about good matchups for sophi, but what’s a bad matchup for sophi?



char that arent really unsafe cuz she doesnt have the best mixups.



guard impact and her guard impact moves are your best friends to interrupt the pressure and get em off of you. especially when you dont know the matchup to propperly block/avoid and punish the stuff.



Nightmare is a fucking beast in this game. He does so much dmg, counters everything, goddamn man. I started to pick him up since he was my main in SC2, but just wow.

Sophitia is such a bitch too. I’m starting to the understand the matchup more, but if she gets in on Mi-na it’s pretty much guess right or your dead.

Voldo and Yoshimitsu are the last two problem characters because they play so odd. You don’t know what they will do and they are just all over the fucking place. I’m losing to these 4 A LOT lol. I like this game though, I’d say it’s my favorite after SC2.



Nightmare is the UNGA char, he seem overwhelming as fuck, but being unsafe on a lot of shit and a good chunk of the char can OS pretty much all of his stance transition, make it that once the matchup is learned, the flaws become glaring. (Not that NM is weak tho, but once the matchup is learned, if you play vs your basic UNGA Nightmare you’ll be able to punish pretty much everything. ).

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You can beat your run-of-the-mill Nightmare players with Mina by just sidewalking around Nightmare’s 66B-range and launch him with 22B whenever he pushes a button (probably 66B because that’s all they ever use). Mina keeps that guy under control pretty well without too much effort imo.

Once the NM-players start getting smart enough to be somewhat conservative with button presses, things change, but regular online UNGA NMs will never resort to anything that difficult.

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I got bored again, and while I planned to do Sophie first, for whatever reason I jumped onto Siegfried. So, for all of your Sieg players out there who are having trouble with dealing with Talim’s negative stance switch buttons (not the positive ones like 66A+B), here is a guide to show you the options (I found) and how they interact with her various stances…

I didn’t feel like editing stuff too much (I also am very new to it), but in general, every new button of Sieg’s is tested (in order) against: Block, WNS, WNF, WNC. I use the fastest options for each unless I feel there is a interaction to be had. I don’t know too much about Sieg, so I likely overlooked some important buttons to use against some of the harder buttons to figure out. Overall, at least against the buttons you outright NEED to be punishing every time against Talim like 6BB, FC3BB, WNS-A, Sieg is actually really well equipped to deal with it.

I will likely make another universal guide to dealing with Talim’s stances when she is positive on switch at some point. If people find this sort of thing useful, I could see doing more videos of this sort, even if they are time consuming. I do learn a lot myself at least, as it requires me to lab out a new character’s moveset and how it interacts with Talim’s.

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I love vids like these. No more dancing around for that hoe. Nah-uh.

I play much better under control, but without any knowledge on frame data (or something I’ve seen before) it’s hard to tell what’s punishable. Sometimes you just know by instinct alone, but some of these frame traps are pretty nasty man. You can’t block low in this game for long, reactions have to be sharp as hell or perfects happen :slight_smile:



SCV Seigfried legacy costume looks good. Gives me hope to see some old ones now



sc6 on sale for president’s day



Amy is coming

Get fucked @Cestus_II



I’m gonna need you to take a seat over there :smirk:



@Hawkingbird of course she is, crap season stay crap lol

next cassandra no doubt



I know, personal taste and all, but that’s one hell of a boring lineup for a Season Pass.



A character we could have CaS’d if we needed it? Bleh.
Nothing against anime but would have liked if they didn’t go for stereotypical kuudere schoolgirl voiceover.